A Day in the Life of Renee Birchfield

Miss June 2017, Renee Birchfield

As a teacher my days are always a little different, but now that it is summer a typical day is usually much more relaxing. I am now watching a 4-year-old, we’ll call him T, four days a week and he keeps every day exciting. Here are some pictures of how our day unfolds.

After getting Hubby off to work I take care of the animals and head off to T’s house. We start our morning playing with trains, train tracks, bow and arrows, cars, books and whatever else he can drag out of his playroom.

This was a favorite this week

Then I try to have some learning activities. Right now we are learning to recognize letters and to match them.

Followed by some fun arts and crafts.  This week we were talking about tractors, one of his favorites, so we were making

Some days we go to the library for story time and shows. After sitting still in the library for half an hour we head over to the park so he can run and get some (lots) of his energy out.

When we get back it’s time for lunch. Which is a little break for Mrs. Renee when we watch TV and chill.

We spent a lot of time going on walks. Which really means I walk behind him as he rides his “four-wheeler” all around the neighborhood. At least I am getting more exercise haha.  

After he is played out and it’s about 1:30 he gets to go take a nap. Then I read chapters and work on assignments for class.

After I get home I normally have some animals who are feeling neglected and need attention. Tesla shows this by laying on my feet so I can’t go anywhere.  

I work on more school work, pick up the house, and start dinner before Hubby gets home from work. After dinner we like to relax and watch Netflix or in the office, him playing games, me getting blog stuff finished.

Chester was tired of me not paying attention to him so he sat on my book and notebook while I was writing.

Summers are a fun break from the school year for me since I get to work one on one with one of my favorite kiddos. What do you do on these summer days?