Another World at Heifer International

I never imagined spending my eighth wedding anniversary walking around a ranch. Yet, this was the grand adventure my husband had planned for us; THIS was what he surprised me with. This is what I took off work for, a day at Heifer International Ranch.

To be honest, I felt a twinge of disappointment when we pulled up. Grassy fields stretched on for what seemed like miles all around us, and the sun blazed overhead. It was hot, stifling hot, with little to no wind to stir the humid Arkansas air, and there appeared to be a lot of walking to do.

Yet, my husband was determined to have an adventure. He wouldn’t let the elements deter him. So, we set off and discovered another world hidden on the Heifer International Ranch. READ MORE…

Kayla Dean is a believer, wife, mother, author, educator, nature-lover, and creative adventurer who lives in central Arkansas. She makes her blogging home at