by Susan Anglin, Miss August 2016

Awkward—I’ve been there, haven’t you? It’s a word that describes how I feel  walking into a room of strangers, showing up late for an important date, or the first attempt of trying anything new.  Life is full of awkward moments but so many times, a little encouragement can change awkward into a moment of grace.

Down on the dairy farm, watching a newborn calf take the first step is a perfect example of how encouragement overcomes awkward.  After birth, the calf’s mother immediately begins licking the calf to stimulate breathing and circulation and clean it off. It’s common for the calf to try standing up within an hour of being born.


Standing for the first time is a picture of awkward   and happens with numerous failed attempts. During this process, Mama gives  licks and nudges the baby until the moment of standing. Encouragement turns awkward into success.


Awkward moments in my life have often been changed by a smile, a kind word, and a little encouragement.  Encouragement in the awkward moments moves me in the forward direction a lot like the calf and I’m thankful for all those encouragers!

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