Bye Bye Bye 24 by Renee Birchfield

by Miss June 2017, Renee Birchfield

I think that it is only fitting that I get an N’SYNC song while I am blogger of the month. I’m a 90s baby and of course love boy bands. There was never a contest for me N’SYNC always beat the Backstreet Boys. I mean look at them, they are so cute!  It is also my birthday month and Bye Bye Bye is perfect as I say bye to being 24 and moving on up to 25!

It’s funny how those ‘old’ ages don’t seem to be that old the closer you get to them. When I was a kid and in love with Lance from N’SYNC I was sure that 25 was like an old lady! Now though I’m still not sure it should count as an adult haha!

Some things have changed over the year and some have stayed the same. Let’s take a short look at the year.

We are still living in the same house. That may change in a year or so who knows. We did upgrade our carpet floors now we have nice wood floors. After some getting used to they are awesome. Maybe I am in the adult mind when I’m excited about new floors. Ha!

My blog hit new highs and reached more people than I could have ever hoped. I have had a few of those great emails saying that I inspired someone to start a new diet or that a recipe was their kids new favorite. If Spoons Could Talk has been more successful in many ways than my other blog ever dreamed of being.

We did lose my Grandpa on Easter. That is still hard to adjust too. That is one of the biggest things that has changed while I was 24. My grandma died when I was about 8 so life without her wasn’t such an adjustment for me. But Grandpa has been there for everything and since we moved to Conway I saw him most of the times I went home, so now knowing I can’t go see him is hard to get used to.

My little family is still Hubby, me, Tesla the dog and Chester the cat. I dred the day one of the fur babies isn’t in my life.

Somewhere around February, I decided it was time I go back to school. After almost 3 years of subbing, I was ready to have my own classroom. Since then I have studied for the first time in 3 years and took 2 standardized tests over content I haven’t seen in closer to 8 years. I passed the test better than I had imagined and got accepted into Grad school and the MAT program.  Within two years I will have my own class. Who would have thought my mom was right when she told everyone I would be a teacher when I was a kid. This is the most exciting and nerve-wracking thing that my 24th year held.

This year has been a year where doors have opened and dreams have begun to come to life. It has been great and while I don’t quite want to tell it bye I can’t wait to see what 25 has in store!

How do you feel about birthdays passing by?