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DIY Christmas Fabric Canvas

By Alicia Dowell

I have been discovering or I should say rediscovering my love of crafting. It has been fun to diving back in and the best part is Glitter Bug has been finding out she loves to craft as well. We recently made Christmas fabric covered canvas. This DIY Christmas Fabric Canvas is such a simple craft and doesn’t take forever.


DIY Vintage Snow Globes

By Gina Knuppenburg

I’ve had these DIY Vintage Snow Globes on my mind for years since I found a box of vintage Christmas baubles at an antique/flea market. I kept putting off this particular DIY craft because I thought it might be too involved. Boy, was I wrong.

Making snow globes is SO easy and takes very little supplies.


Rock Painting Gift Guide

by Gina Knuppenburg

Rock Painting is taking over towns all over the country. Arkansas itself has several active rock painting groups. The concept is simple. Paint a rock and hide it somewhere. Clues can be shared on Facebook. You can also hunt for painted rocks to collect or re-hide. 

If you have a budding artist in your family you may want to check out Gina’s rock painting gift guide. 


Everyone is Creative

by Jeanetta Darley

It’s the middle of October and Inktober is upon us. And just like most things I had all these grand intentions of drawing and posting everyday because pen and ink is one of my favorite mediums.

Inktober is a month-long study using ink as your creative medium. Some use pens, some brushes, some colored inks and some in grayscale or even just good ole black ink. The only main rule is that you have to use ink. READ MORE…

Painting a Pumpkin on Canvas


I love Fall decorations but I have to admit that I do not have many. The Fall season goes by so quickly. I love pumpkins, so I decided to paint one or two onto a canvas to help my house look a little more like fall. I love the orange ones but I also love the white pumpkins (or gourds) too. I love how the white ones look with blue so I decided I would paint one with my favorite turquoise blue in the background. I had a 6″x 6″ deep canvas so I decided to use it because it can sit on a shelf. READ MORE

How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

by Shea Fogerty

Like most first time homeowners, our décor budget is somewhat slim.  I love seeing the years trends in glossy magazines, like the fabric wrapped pumpkins and fall leaves abound a beautiful mantle or tablescape. I could seriously let my mind take me away, my pocket book, on the other hand screams in opposition.  Don’t worry, there are still ways to create some beautiful fall vignettes around your own home even on a Dollar Tree budget. READ MORE…

DIY Pencil Holder

What is your favorite drawing supply? Do you have a lot of pencils, pens, or markers, paint brushes? I struggled with how to keep my large colored pencil collection organized so I made my own holder. This type of holder could be used to keep your colors sorted or hold a variety of supplies. Customizing it to your space and taste is also possible. Get creative and get organized! READ MORE…

Fall Crafting | Pumpkin Hoops

September brings with it all things Fall, including decorating. It’s time to bring out those Fall doormats, those leaf covered napkins and tablecloths, and get out all the other Fall decor to celebrate the season. And, if you’re lacking pumpkin decor or just need a refresh: craft your own. These Pumpkin Hoops are easy to put together and you can craft up several in just a few hours. So grab a hot cup of pumpkin spice flavored coffee and let’s get to Fall crafting! READ MORE…

DIY Cut-Off Shorts {No Sewing Required}

A few months ago I was taking out all of the clothes that my daughter had outgrown out of her drawers. And placing them in a bag to give away to Goodwill. When I noticed that she had about three pairs of jeans that were too short in length, but still fit perfectly in the waist. I thought that it would probably be very easy to turn these too short jeans into some DIY cut-off shorts. I thought I could probably go to the craft store and buy some cute iron-on applique patches to jazz them up a bit. After, all this would be a great way to save money since I would be buying three less pairs of shorts for this spring/summer.

I’m so glad that I thought about this because the first pair that I made turned out really cute. Plus, these DIY cut-off shorts were super easy to make since they require no sewing.


Sonya Kendall lives in Central Arkansas with her husband and two children. During her free time, she enjoys sewing, blogging, listening to podcasts, and bingeing on Netflix (often doing two of these things at once). Sonya has dreams of sewing ridiculously fancy dresses one day. But until her skills allow for this she will continue sewing not so fancy clothing and blogging about her sewing adventures and more at You can also find Sonya on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.