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Keisha Pittman McKinney: Breakfast Egg Sandwiches {Foodie Friday}

Each week for the past year I’ve made these breakfast sandwiches for Mr. McKinney.  I need a little variety in my life, but he can eat the same darn thing every, single, day. I came up with the recipe when we were both trying to do a little better with our eating. We jumped on the Weight Watchers campaign, tried the myfitnesspal app for a while and then learned if we watched what we ate instead of watched everything we eat go in our mouths, we could find the balance we were seeking.  That and an evening stroll around the neighborhood with our dog Bailey always helped too!

Mr. McKinney was driving through McDonald’s in the mornings for an egg white delight, which is a great option if you can afford to eat out breakfast every morning or travel a lot. Then, we tried the Jimmy Dean frozen option and still with a 250 or below calorie count, they were a good option.  But, I’m always convinced I can make something better and cheaper than we can just buy pre-made so the challenge was on! <she says with her hands on her hip in domestic diva mode>



Keisha Pittman McKinney Big Pitt Stop #ARWBKeisha (Pittman) McKinney is settling in to married life in South AR after she #becamemrsmckinney.  A Digital Media Director by day for a church in Northwest Arkansas, Keisha is remembering what its like to plan ahead for shopping trips to “the city,” getting resourceful at her small town Walmart and creating online shopping personas everywhere.  She blogs @bigpittstop about daily adventures, cooking escapades, #bigsisterchats, the social justice cases on her heart, and all the activities tied to becoming a new mama in Jan 2018!

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Lyndi Fultz: Salad for Breakfast

Add a salad to your breakfast and start the day right.

Photos attached: 1 Pinterest style (vertical) and 1 horizontal

Here is one idea you may not have thought about that ensures you get the day started off right by consuming vitamins and nutrient-rich foods from the get-go… try adding a salad to your breakfast plate.

That’s right, salad. Add it right next to your eggs and bacon. You don’t need a fancy recipe or tons of ingredients. I like to use a spring mix with lots of colored leafs, drizzle with olive oil and a dusting of cracked black pepper. I try to always have a pretty bowl filled with cherry tomatoes next to my fruit tray so it is quick and easy to grab a few and add. However, skip the tomatoes and it still will be delicious.

Read more…

Lyndi Fultz


nwafoodie is a hub for food happiness. Arkansas Women Blogger member Lyndi Fultz focuses on the simplicity of fresh ideas when it comes to the exploration of food, eating, and enjoying life. nwafoodie conveys a sense of joy, curiosity and wonder of all the touch points of eating coupled with a fun and upbeat tone, pulling readers into a welcoming foodie fold that has none of the usual snobbery. She blogs from the perspective of a small town foodie exploring her backyard, spreading the message that eating well is truly one of the most joyful pleasures of living.


KELLEE MAYFIELD: Gluten Free Flaxseed and Almond Meal Pancakes {Foodie Friday}

This is for all of the gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant, celiac, paleo dieters, and folks who enjoy breakfast.

According to Niall McCarthy, contributing writer at, “The number of Americans going gluten-free has tripled since 2009.”

“Today, some 3.1 million people across the United States follow a gluten-free diet,” McCarthy reports in his article published Jan. 17. “Seventy-two percent of them are classified as ‘PWAGs’ – people without celiac disease avoiding gluten.”

I’m a “PWAG” – person without celiac disease avoiding gluten – and I know I’m not alone. I haven’t had an official blood test done to determine my exact food sensitivities but I know how I feel when I avoid gluten. I have more energy and my skin is clear. Any stomach (read more)

Kellee Mayfield – Delta Moxie

In 2007, my family and I moved to Lake Village, Arkansas in Chicot County (I refer to it as LA…lower Arkansas) smack dab on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

It’s rural. To give you bigger city folks a frame of reference…there is no Starbucks within a 90-mile radius.

I am an artist, traveler, real-food-eating, sensible-shoe-wearing mother, wife and former sales representative for a medical device company.

Join me as I paint, admire art, and share the experiences that enrich our lives through travel.

And I’ll share my home base in very southeast Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta. All with a southern drawl.

Let’s connect on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Facebook – @deltamoxie.



Talya Boerner: The Best Beef Stew Evah! {Foodie Friday}

Momma made beef stew in the fall and winter. It stuck to our ribs when the weather was frightful and noses were runny. It was an inexpensive meal, too, one that called for not much meat but lots of potatoes and carrots. And, it was a good way to sometimes sneak in peas, which I didn’t much like.

After days and days of eating Thanksgiving leftovers, John’s beef stew hit the spot. Giving credit where credit is due, he did most of the work. I only peeled and sautéed the veggies and cut up the potatoes. And I took lots of pictures, of course, because I could tell right off, by the aroma and sizzle and very first taste, this beef stew would be the best beef stew evah! READ MORE

BEEF STEW vis Talya Boerner


Talya Tate Boerner


Talya is a Delta girl who grew up making mudpies on her family’s cotton farm in Northeast Arkansas. She blogs at Grace, Grits and Gardening and has been published in Arkansas Review, Front Porch Magazine, and Delta Crossroads Magazine. Her debut novel, The Accidental Salvation of Gracie Lee, recently placed as a National Indie Book Award Finalist for regional southeast fiction. She loves to cook and believes most any dish can be improved with a side of collard greens.


It’s Time for Christmas! {Foodie Friday}

We have some super holiday ideas for your this week.

Lacie Ring: Cheesecake Christmas Trees

Check out this cuteness Lacie did for our #client @TysonFoods #ad.

It is the most wonderful time of the year and I love it! I’m having so much fun creating new holiday recipes. One of my favorites are these super easy 3 Ingredient Cheesecake Christmas Trees that will make you cheer! There is nothing better to get you in the holiday mood than an easy recipe. Especially one that is so much fun and colorful to make. Cheesecake Christmas Trees are the perfect 3 ingredient Christmas treat to get the kiddos involved too. READ MORE


Gina Knuppenburg: Peppermint Biscotti

Nothing screams December like…Peppermint & Chocolate. And nothing speaks louder to me than chocolate, friends!   It’s that time of year once again-it’s time for searching for irresistible peppermint recipes, it’s time for jolly old St. Nick…and most importantly {okay, maybe not as important as the birth of Christ!}….it’s BIRTHDAY MONTH!!  Yes…a whole month of celebrating my upcoming 19th birthday ?  {don’t ask how many 19th birthdays I’ve actually celebrated} READ MORE

Gina Knuppenburg: Hot Cocoa Bar

Want a surefire way to bring surprise and a genuine, toothy smile to someone {or a group of someones}?  Find a fabulous hot cocoa recipe {you’re in luck…I have the perfect one for you!}, set out a fun array of add-ins, toppings, and tasty stirrers, and sit back and enjoy the surprise and delight of your giftees.  Who doesn’t get all warm and fuzzy thinking about hot cocoa?  I think this would be a fun surprise to set up for kids after school, family get-togethers, or even as a gift {package it all up in a pretty package and add the hot cocoa mix with directions. I did this set-up in the lounge at work today .  I was truly amazed at my co-workers delight and giddiness-kids in a candy store, I tell ya. READ MORE


BRENDA EMBRY: Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows

First of all, I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows. When I use them for cooking, I don’t feel they are all that flavorful or actually add anything other than some sweetness and texture to a recipe. Speaking of texture, I can hardly stand reaching into a bag and touching those chalky little pellets. I always hope and pray they haven’t congealed together so I can just pour them into a measuring cup without incident. And, even though I know they are an integrative part of the classic s’mores equation, I would rather forego the whole marshmallow thing and just eat the candy bar. READ MORE


DEBBIE ARNOLD: Sara Lee® Cheesecake with Caramel Apple Cider Glaze

#ad Are you feeling all stressed out about the holiday season? If we are honest, most of us have been or are there! We try to be all things to everyone:  shopper of bargains that look like a $1,000,000, gift wrapper extraordinaire, party planner/caterer, gourmet cook and baker—you get the picture, right? Let Sara Lee® Cheesecake from our #client @TysonFoods help you out! #TysonMadeWithLove. READ MORE

RICCI ALEXIS: Fruit Dip, Party Punch and Pinwheels {Foodie Friday}

Tis the season of endless holiday parties, family get togethers and celebrations! I don’t know about you but it seems like every time I get invited to a party I get asked to bring a dish (snack food, finger food, drink, etc). Not a big deal. but when you don’t have a lot of spare time anything you can make beforehand that will still look and taste good is a win in my book! That’s where one of the most popular posts on my blog comes in handy…Fruit Dip, Party Punch and Pinwheels!
Have to confess that these aren’t original recipes, I got the fruit dip recipe from my stepmom, Charlotte, and the punch recipe from my Grandma. That is actually her Christmas Punch recipe but I think it’s good on any occasion. I have taken both to numerous baby showers, work potlucks and holiday parties and I kept getting asked for the recipes so I finally decided to bog about them and like I said, this is one of my most popular blog posts to date! They really are that good y’all!
I also have the recipe to my ham and ranch pinwheels on there. These are just super basic pinwheels made with cream cheese, ranch dressing powder and ham but they taste amazing and are always a HUGE hit at parties. 
For the full recipes head over to my blog and check them out…HERE.
Ricci Ellis is an Arkansas native who has some serious love for the natural state. She loves big hair, monograms, blogging, caramel frappes from McDonalds and being the “cool” Aunt among other things. She has one spoiled rotten puppy girl, Sophie
. You can catch up with her on her Arkansas lifestyle and beauty blog, Ricci Alexis, or on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest!

LAURIE MARSHALL: Vegan Dressing {Foodie Friday}

We didn’t go to over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving this year, but we went to my brother, Brian’s, in Philadelphia. Aside from the huge stone fireplace he doesn’t have, and the walks in the dry creek beds we couldn’t take, it was just as soul-filling, since it’s time spent with my siblings that always made my holidays enjoyable. Oh, and the food. So. Much. Food. 


Since we drove, I was able to pack some things from my pantry and help cook – one of my favorite things about the holidays. I took along a pie plate for the chocolate and pecan pie, and some of the ingredients for the cornbread dressing. Brian is usually in charge of the dressing at his family’s holiday fetes, but there were going to be a lot of vegans at this gathering, so we decided to take on two different recipes. He made one with chorizo for the carnivores, and I whipped up a vegan version of my cornbread dressing, but left out the sausage. READ MORE


Laurie is a fifty-something writer, maker, and Militant Optimist. On her blogs – and – she shares her experiences as a “late bloomer”, creative projects, the craziness of peri-menopause, and creating a “repurposed life”. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram, and look for a podcast in early 2018.

Shana Chaplin: Chorizo and Goat Cheese Stuffed Pork {Foodie Friday}

I love cooking, but all too often my work schedule, family obligations and household management chores keep me from enjoying the process.  The holidays allow me the opportunity to slow down and experiment in the kitchen.  I love getting lost in cookbooks and magazine pages filled with sensual and decadent looking entrees and desserts.  Holidays are my favorite times to experiment, try something a little extravagant-after all the house is decked out and there are plenty of people to share in the feast!  
My Chorizo & Goat Cheese Stuffed Pork Loin evolved from a holiday recipe I tried one Christmas.  My family had their fill of turkey and ham and wanted something a little different. The recipe I tried that Christmas was good, but as I began to “tweak” it I landed upon this version and have to say the sweet and spicy version hit home!  READ MORE
Chorizo and Goat Cheese Stuffed Pork Loin via Shana Chaplin for ARWB Foodie Friday

I am a wife, mother to twin daughters, sister, daughter and aunt to nine. I love faith, home and family. I grew up missionary kid livin
g in Japan and Morocco. I now live in the South. My home is my haven and I seek for it to be the same for all who enter. I have returned to full time work after 17 years as a stay at home mom. I now serve as the Deputy Chief of Community Engagement & Faith-based Partnerships. As I wait for God to unfold His plans in His time I seek to be faithful and to live life fully, keeping home my priority and sharing it with those I hold near and dear.

Tasty Tuesday


Anita Stafford: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins

These Oatmeal Chocolate Chip muffins are great for any time of day. They make a terrific breakfast, can be tucked in a lunch box, or handed out as after school treats. This batch was hardly out of the oven before they started disappearing. There’s not a designated day set aside on the calendar to honor chocolate chip muffins, so I suppose it’s okay to honor them any and every day. Just between us, we’ll call today Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffin Day. Celebrate with me today and maybe tomorrow too. Read More


Keri Bucci: Pumpkin Mousse Pie (low carb, gluten free)

The other day I was craving something sweet and pumpkin, specifically a pumpkin pie, but I didn’t want to spend all that time going through the steps it takes to make a traditional pie. So I came up with an idea for this easy Pumpkin Mousse Pie. It is like one of those creamy “no-bake” pies and it is was so good. Well, technically you do bake the crust but that only takes about 20 minutes and then no more baking. How great is that? Read More

Anita Stafford: My Mother’s Yeast Rolls

My mother has made these yeast rolls at least once a week for as long as I can remember. She also makes them for the monthly potluck dinners at her church. She has made them numerous times for bereaved families or just to help out the neighbors. She celebrated 86 years on her birthday this year, so I can’t begin to guess how many pans of these yeast rolls she has made. Read More



Brenda Embry: A Couple of Crock Pot Recipes for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and everyone rushing around trying to come up with the perfect Thanksgiving menu, I have to share a couple of very easy recipes I make in the crock pot. Read More



KATHARINE TRAUGER: My Repeat Performance Rosemary Cake

I love rosemary and grow my own, two huge bushes of it, so I will never run out.

You would find—if you were to visit me—that besides in the garden, rosemary has won a role in every act that plays in my kitchen. And I don’t mean the cute little wreath I keep hanging around, constructed from a few of its magnificent bowers. Nope.

Appearing in the salad dressing, rosemary is a bit player. In soups, it lends a dramatic melody. In meat dishes, it often has a supporting role. Veggies shine in the rosemary spotlight. And added to pasta, Brava!

The most fun role for rosemary, though, is dessert.

It’s a sweet love story! 

And my latest food adventure? Creating a brand new rosemary cake recipe, of course! What fun!  READ MORE


Katharine is a writer, speaker, women’s counselor, and professional mom. Happily married for 46 years to the same gorgeous guy. She loves cooking amazing homegrown food, celebrating grandbabies, her golden-egg-laying hennies, and watching old movies with popcorn. Her writing appears at Contently, The Testimony Train, Taste Arkansas, Only in Arkansas, and in several professional magazines and one anthology.

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