Chicken Fajita Ring, Low Carb & Gluten Free

By Miss October 2017, Keri Bucci


Growing up in South Arkansas, if there was one thing I learned it was how to throw a mean baby shower, holiday party, or church potluck. The key to these to pulling off one of these events is simple, amazing food. The recipes prepared are always amazing and they leave people talking for months after. There is just something special about the dishes all the women break out for these events that makes you want to forget about your diet or calories. Right?
Among all the decorated tables adorned with creamy dips and bacon filled pinwheels one of my favorites was this heavenly creation, everyone called a Taco Ring. It was delicious and usually the dish I gravitated to first. I mean how could it not be tasty with those flaky and buttery crescent rolls wrapped around a taco filling. I wasn’t the only fan among the quest apparently, because it always went fast.
These days I am still a fan of those food-centered gatherings and my love of the old Taco Ring remains, but unfortunately, the original recipe doesn’t fit into my gluten-free lifestyle so I had to give it up. But nobody will ever call this girl a quitter, oh no! So I pulled on my apron and got to work in the kitchen on this Chicken Fajita Ring.