Create Together

by Jeanetta Darley, Miss February 2016

quiet meadow in solitude

For someone who constantly craves the times when I can be by myself, togetherness is not always met with fanfare.  I may have more than once looked through the want ads for listings labeled “Hermit Wanted.”  The idea of being in a remote location with all the time in the world to work on my art uninterrupted is my dream life.  But we don’t live in our dreams.  We live in a reality that includes people.  People we are daily both inspired and irritated by.  

see what you can create together

Creativity is fueled by experiences and ideas.  These experiences and ideas are never as fruitful as they could be when we subtract human contact.  I reluctantly admit this.  Many times as an artist and blogger I want to keep my ideas to myself until they are finished either out of fear of rejection or imitation.  Our creations become part of us and any critique is felt personally.  

Human hands shape and form

But I am learning to give my peers and friends the benefit of the doubt.  Surround yourself with sincerity, trust, and encouragement.  These aspects are not always easy to find and can take time.  This very realization is why I cherish the community of bloggers and influencers that create under The Women Bloggers umbrella.

ARWB at Crystal Bridges Museum

Daily I remind that grumpy curmudgeon the lives in my head (she’ll never leave completely) to give people a chance to prove her wrong.  That sharing ideas and experiences can bring more inspiration and more creativity.  Which leads to more art, more writing, more parts of me that can inspire others.

Carry significance

Find your creative collective.

Give as much or more support and encouragement as you receive.

See what you can create together.

Yarn bombed tunnel at Crystal Bridges

*All photos were taken on a trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Northwest Arkansas.


  1. I think most of us have similar feelings about ownership of ideas and fear of their being scooped. And I agree that our creations are part of us, which makes critiques and editing hard sometime. But I deal I’ve decided it goes with the territory and how I receive it can be the difference in feeling up or down. Also, enjoy this time with your children. Before you know it, they’ll be flying the coop, and you’ll have lots of time for your art.

  2. Katharine says:

    Perfectly expressed, Jeanetta. Thanks so much for your openness and honesty, here! It may be that we all do feel the same, as Dorothy just said, and we all must learn how different the world is inside ARB!

    • Jeanetta says:

      We could be hermits together! But you know on either side of a mountain because you know, hello HERMITS! We could communicate with lanterns and Morse code.

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