A Day in the Life of Jodi


“Mom, I need socks!”

“Can you braid my hair?”

“Watch where you step, there’s doodle in the hallway.”

“Will someone let Lucy out?”

“Will someone let Pepper in? Wait! She’s covered in grass!”

“What can I eat?”

“Who made God?”

“Eeeeew! Somebody forgot to flush!”

When hanging out at the Coffee house, you may hear any of these statements once or multiple times throughout the day.

While being a stay-at-home mom, my schedule changes day to day. I have made myself move to a paper planned life, otherwise, I believe myself and my children would miss out on several activities. It’s hard for me to describe a day in the life at this stage. Each day is different. When not working a regularly scheduled job, life is somewhat on the fly. Of course, I do schedule and plan activities, but I do feel like many days I’m “flying by the seat of my pants”.

Some days I get my workout done before I wake my crew, and some days I workout after getting the kiddos to school. Whatever the case, I take pride in making sure everyone starts his or her day by eating breakfast. I wish I could insert “healthy” before the word breakfast, but some days that is not the case. Nourishment. Calories. Energy. That’s what I’m hoping…

I mentioned before that being a stay-at-home mom was not something I planned on doing. It has been a blessing in so many ways. I appreciate the days that I pick up the girls and hear about what is going on at school. Count me in for field trips and school parties! The many hours I spend working on the farmers’ market effort wouldn’t be a possibility if I were working outside the home. My husband’s office is in town and we are able to go to lunch together once or twice a week. These are all things I try my best not to take for granted.

I also work to maintain my professional licensure. This may or may not consist of doing my required hours of continuing education right before the deadline.

One of my main focuses this past year was training for an Ironman race – Ironman Arizona. Initially, the training distances were not long, and if I was able to get the workout in early, it didn’t really impact the day. The swim workouts required an hour round-trip each time, and I would typically do two swim workouts weekly. Closer to race day, the bike training would require anywhere from 6-8 hours. This was often on the weekend. I had a lot of mommy-guilt, but I will hand it to my crew – they were troopers. There were times I would take the girls to the pool with me and bribe them with snacks and activities and threaten them not to kill each other while I was in the water. There were times that I would have to join them later instead of going all together to this and that. There were many times I would have to go sans makeup and hair pulled back when I would normally dry my hair and put on make-up. And they loved me through it.

Yes, day-to-day life is fast and furious. I’m hanging on with all my might to take each day as it comes and holding on to precious memories.

Besides, sleep is overrated, right?



    • Jodi says:

      Thanks, Jeanetta! Yes…I know those teenage years will be here before I know it. And I’m scared to pieces! 😉

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