Doing the One Priority Thing that Makes a Big Difference in Your Day

by Rhonda Franz

When we walked in, tripping over backpacks and lunch boxes and ourselves, at least the kitchen and dining room table were a-waitin’ on us. On this day, the dinner prep—all the way to the table setting—was the one priority thing.

Some days, the priority thing is laying out clean clothes for the church program.

Other days, just being able to finish one work project is the most important.

Often, working backwards from the end of the day works the best, just like I did with setting out the bowls. Productivity and organization pros refer to it as “reverse engineering.”

Whatever works, and works for you…I say.

When you’re overwhelmed, pick out the one thing that will relieve your mind and create the most order. And leave the other stuff for another day (or if you’re lucky, someone else).

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