Finding Our Joyful Giving Again

by Keri Bucci

The Christmas season is upon us once again! It is a time of joy, hope, good will towards men and of course giving gifts. Like most children, my favorite part about the holidays was making out my Christmas list and waking up to gifts on Christmas Day.
One of my fondest memories is thinking back to all those Christmas Eve nights when my younger brother and I would sleep in the same room. I use the word “sleep” loosely because we would lay awake most of the night listening for noises in the living room and taking turns guessing what was under the tree. It was all about the presents for us! The thought of not knowing what was in all those boxes was almost too much excitement to beare! It was fun sharing those times with my brother all those years ago. Now I enjoy seeing that same excitement and anticipation in my own little guy!

It’s a shame that those fun memories and the joy of gifts seem to fade away in the midst of our busy lives. As we grow into adults the practice of giving can turn into something much less magical. We often go from that child like excitement to dread when the thoughts of those strained budgets and crowded stores come dancing into our heads. So much for those sugar plums we read about in stories!

In the past I would spend so much time staying busy with work and rushing around during the season that I would end up frantically searching for anything that was left on the shelves Christmas week. I think the worst part for me is knowing just how little thought I would put behind any of the names I was checking off my list. Where is the joy or love in that? Shouldn’t I at least think of these people’s needs or desires before just choosing random things off shelves?

Now that I have gotten older I try to remember to slow down and remember the important parts of the holiday season. I still love all the beautiful decorations and the cheesy holiday movies on Hallmark Channel but I also try to focus more time on the spirit behind giving and how it all began. How can we not start with the greatest gift of all. Our precious Lord and Savior born in a manger all those many years ago. Our greatest gift of all time. One that had powerful thought and purpose behind it.
A gift so sacrificially given that it would impact the world and each of our lives for eternity. It was meaningful giving in its truest form. Full of love,kindness, mercy and grace. I am thankful for the gift of Christ and His love for each of us. This gift could never be bought on a mad dash to the store but it was one that would be impossible to top. I long to use that type of love and selfless joy in my personal giving.


This year, my husband and I have decided that we want to enjoy Christmas and it’s true meaning again. To give gifts that will impact and bless those we love instead of giving them things we have rushed around to stores to grab. So no more rushed shopping trips or extended budgets! That is a gift we are graciously giving ourselves and those we love. We will be finding the pure joy again this season while finding new ways to bless others. We pray they see our hearts and the love of Christ through us.
I know there are many who shop for Christmas gifts each year and they shop a lot of thought behind each item they give. I applaud them because that is so wonderful. I just wish I had been doing the same all these years. This is long over due for us and I am truly looking forward to finding the joys in giving again.

awb-head-shotKeri is a sassy southern girl who loves cooking, reading and spending time with her family. She is a former corporate minded gal turned homeschool mom. She blogs at My Table for Three. She can be found sharing sugar and gluten free recipes more over on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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