I Want It That Way

by Jodi Coffee, Miss March 2016

I have come to accept that I have a type-A personality living in a type-B world. Maybe it’s selective type A-ism. I don’t know. I thought I would share five things that I want MY way. This is not an end-all be-all list, and tomorrow’s list may be different (I reserve that right), but here you go.

Number one: toilet paper

This is an issue we have all seen and know well.

The paper rolling under is unacceptable and must be corrected immediately.

Number two: cooking in the kitchen

This is a matter I have had to work on since welcoming the littles into the kitchen for hands-on experience. It’s almost as if I need to do these together-activities with my hands behind my back. It is so challenging for me to let go of certain steps. But when I hear myself directing them out-loud, it does seem micro-managing and ridiculous. I’m working on this, folks.

Number three: laundry

Not a fan of this gift that keeps on giving. Of course, it must be done.

I line-dry all dry-fit/high tech materials, delicates and the girls’ school uniform shirts. I turn things inside out and button when needed. Nothing too complicated, but I cannot accept my hub’s offer to dump all of the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Just cannot do it.

Number four: washing dishes

I hand wash a lot of our dishes. Cooking is one of my specialties, so I have found it faster to wash them quickly and have them ready to go versus waiting for a full load of dishes to run the washer. Oh, the dishwasher gets used, but certain items never go in. I always hand wash my pots and pans, wooden spoons, knives, Tervis tumblers, measuring utensils…okay, so my list is too long. See. You just gotta let me do it. Thankfully, the hubs is my dish drying partner. Love that guy.

Number five: mug matters

In regards to drinking coffee and tea, the mug matters.

Coffee at home:

Coffee on the go:

Tea (green tea + honey = heaven):


Please don’t think I’m crazy. Remember? Type A-isms. My life is far from perfect and although I have preferences, I try and embrace the crazy. The spills, the eggshells, the towels folded in a ball. Yes, I may re-fold it later, but in the moment, I love it. I hold in disbelief daily that three little girls want to be just like me. And yes, I accept coffee in any shape or form.  


  1. Rose Gagnon says:

    If this is type A-ism – then I am closer to type A than I thought..LOL – thanks for bringing my personality I was trying to avoid to the forefront. And Amen to the green tea and honey – my go to drink!

    • Jodi says:

      Hey Rose! There are worse things. But, maybe we should discuss those over some green tea and honey. 😉

  2. Loved your post. I’m with you on the toilet paper thing. My sister-friend (a Type A) holds with the under method. I stay my ground at my house and respect her way at hers.
    I love that little sweetface peering up by the bowl.
    My daughter would applaud your drying methods.
    And I have a favorite coffee mug, too. But I would accept it in any cup as long as it was reasonably clean.

  3. Jodi says:

    Thanks, Dorothy! Maybe we will have a chance to go for coffee some time. As long as it’s from a clean, cute mug! 😉

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