Christ of the Ozarks by Busvlogger

When I heard that this month’s theme was “Larger than Life”, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve had the idea for the video’s intro rolling around in my head for years. It’s been waiting, like a rogue water bottle in the floor board of the car; bumping around as you go, sounding like someone’s hiding behind your seat when you think you’re alone. (Am I the only one that that’s happened to?) So, I took a drive to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and explored the grounds around The Christ of the Ozarks.

What impressed me most about the monolithic statue was the fact that every square inch of it was built and shaped by hand. Almost anything we want to accomplish in life can be done by making our mind up and building it a little at a time. Whether it’s getting around to cleaning out the car, going back to school or finally making that video, life is what you make it.  Let’s get our hands dirty!


James is a long-time youtuber, stay at home dad and homestead farmer from Northwest Arkansas. He mashed up his love for his Volkswagen Bus and his aspirations to video blog (vlog) into his brand “Busvlogger” almost 7 years ago. Busvlogger encourages viewers to “get your hands dirty” to craft their best lives. James loves taking viewers behind the curtain as he meets farmers and creatives and explores the Natural State and beyond. 

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  1. Debbie says:

    I remember when this was being built–lots of mixed feelings abounded. The first time I ever saw the statue, I was amazed at its size. It’s incredible that it still stands in such remarkable condition.

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