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Miss February 2015 – Michelle Shellabarger

February 2, 2015

What? Me, Miss February? 

I am so not the pageant type of girl, but this is one honor I am super excited about!  Arkansas Women Bloggers is an awesome group of amazing women whom I ADORE (ya’ll are gonna make me cry!) 

So let me tell you about myself…

peachymeI grew up mainly in the former Canal Zone in the Republic of Panama.  When I was a senior in high school a little war called “Just Cause” put a crimp in my plans to stay home and be a surfer beach bum, so my mom dropped me off at U of A in Fayetteville.  (Now I can say “Thanks, mom!”)  In college I met my man and we’ve been married 22 years now.  We have four great kids, from a high school senior to a (surprise!) nine-month old baby.  Dog, parakeet, and chickens make up our menagerie.   A former nanny, teacher, translator, and pastry chef I now get to work from home as I stay home with my rowdy bunch. 

I started blogging at Tales from a Panama-Mama in 2007 (maybe before) because my mom, who was stationed in strange places overseas, wanted to see pictures and such of what we were up to.  It’s evolved and grown into an on-again, off-again addiction.  I write about my life, fixing up old houses, road trips with kids, and being a wannabe urban homesteader.  I had three blogs (one for cooking, one for life, one for books) and I’ve been trying to get them all combined in a way that makes sense.  Still working on that and any opinions would be appreciated.  But really, my blog is really my way of expressing myself so that I don’t go crazy.  And I know that ya’ll get that. 

Come visit me on the blog or Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, or Pinterest

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Gina February 2, 2015 at 2:25 pm

You should be blogger of the month every month! I always appreciate your kind words, encouragement, and hugs. Looking forward to seeing you around here this month!

Rhonda B. February 2, 2015 at 2:31 pm

YAY Panama Mama! Make sure you share plenty of pics of that beautiful baby girl this month…

Shell February 2, 2015 at 4:42 pm

I will, Rhonda!

Debbie February 2, 2015 at 6:18 pm

Since you’ll be so busy during your reign as Miss February, do I get rocker duty? I need some baby time:) So excited to see what you’ll be sharing.

Judy February 2, 2015 at 7:59 pm

A pretty, sweet and talented “Miss February” you are!! Your Mama should be proud!! I know your extended family is!

The Park Wife February 3, 2015 at 6:27 am

Well deserved. Thanks for always being an encourager to us all. What makes this work is that we are all truly committed to community, to lifting others up, and choosing love. That is good stuff sistah, and I am so glad that you and I are in the same real life world now becsaue of blogging. Smooches!

Shell February 3, 2015 at 10:07 am


Dorothy Johnson February 3, 2015 at 7:22 am

You sound like a high-energy Mama! I know we’ll enjoy reading more about you and your life.

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