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I must say that I am immensely honored and surprised to be Miss November for Arkansas Women Bloggers. I feel like I should run down the line of fellow women bloggers giving out high fives to celebrate this community. Maybe I will get to do that one day but until then we can hang out here at Arkansas Women Bloggers and at embracing grace and living the adventure. (that was a plug for my blog if you didn’t catch that.)

Around my house, in the midst of the daily grind, my husband and I often just have to stop and say “just living the adventure, baby!” It can get pretty hectic, chaotic, and busy as I’m sure you can relate. Here’s the thing, everybody has different lives. We are all different people and we all have different stories and challenges before us. We all have plans. And then the plans change. Once you’ve accepted that, DUCK! 

Oops, too late, they changed again and again and again. That’s why in my house we live the adventure. That’s why we rely on grace. Embrace it. This is the crux of my blog and who I am.

Amanda Farris November

I went to school at the University of Central Arkansas and obtained my degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Afterward, I went on to get my teaching license and coaching endorsement for the state of Arkansas and taught and coached basketball after graduating.  My husband and I coached basketball at the same school and even shared an office after graduating from college together.  Cue: Awwww 

Since then, my life has changed quite a bit. I went from coaching and teaching other kids and chasing my career to coaching and teaching my own kids in the homeschool arena. I went from working outside the home to working from the home. I went from never changing a diaper in my life, to having 3 kids in 3 ½ years (that equals a lot of diapers). 

November Blog

And with all of this came the blog Embracing Grace and Living the Adventure and a new season and chapter of life. Because we all need some Grace whether it’s on the giving or receiving end and life is a big adventure. 

I blog about a little bit of everything at www.amandafarris.org. You might find a recap post of our family adventures, random lists, recipes, healthy nutrition stuff, mom posts, and anything in between. It’s my corner of the web where I share a slice of my life.  It is a place where I keep myself accountable to live life by practicing what I preach, and to connect with others hoping to encourage them. 

I enjoy a little of everything, somewhat of a renaissance woman. I get asked at least once a month what I am going to do in five years. Will I go back to the classroom? Will my kids go to public school? Will I take a different job?  Are you going to coach again? The simple answer is; I don’t know. I have a plan and goals  in the back of my head, but I’m hesitant to share it often because  God has a sense of humor and likes to change my plans from time to time, sometimes just for a good laugh.  If you had told me five years ago that I would be blogging and homeschooling, I would’ve called you crazy.  

But, I can honestly say that Life is Good and that I’m excited to see where this adventure takes me. 

Stick around and hang out this month to hear some of my random musings during November. 

If you want to hang out between posts, my favorite place to hang out is Instagram.

You can find me

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  1. Buffy Hoyt says:

    Way to go Amanda! I’m glad you have the courage to take control of raising and educating your kids, while still holding true to God be in control! You have three very lucky kids! Enjoy them! They really are only little for a little while. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

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