Miss October 2016 – Kimberly Mitchell

Fall is awesome, isn’t it? Football, beautiful leaves, crisp weather, pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving (followed shortly by my birthday), there are so many reasons to love this time of year. I feel lucky to live in a place that eases into the seasons so that we have plenty of time to enjoy autumn to the fullest.

KimberlyMitchellCowgirlOctober is my favorite month so I’m so pleased to be the Blogger of the Month. I’ve been blogging haphazardly since 2012. I’m juggling being an author with blogging, teaching (until recently) and even more recently, becoming a mother. I started blogging to jazz up my sad little writer’s website and at the hearty urging of my cousin and fellow Arkansas Women Blogger Beth Stephens. She’s relentless when she thinks you should do something.

My blog doesn’t have a fancy name. Since I’m an author, I chose to use my own name for branding purposes, so find me at kimberlymitchell.us. I blog about books, the writing process, travel, and anything else that’s on my mind. I began getting more involved in Arkansas Women Bloggers in 2014, again at Beth’s urging (see a pattern here?). I’d recently become discouraged with the long slog it takes to get published in the book world, and she encouraged me to look locally for some writing opportunities. I’m glad I followed her advice. Since then, I’ve been able to blog professionally through ARWB and I’ve really enjoyed the experience (and gotten paid. Wow!). I’ve also enjoyed meeting many of you at the conferences and putting names I see online with faces.

Quick facts about me: I love to travel and speak several languages with varying levels of fluency. I need to be outside every day or I go stir crazy, and that time usually takes the form of running, hiking, or walking with friends. In December 2015, my husband and I moved to a small farm in Lincoln with no prior farming experience and we’re attempting the farming life. Find us at Dos Locos Farms on Facebook. I had a baby in August so life is a little crazy right now, but we’re loving it.

I’m looking forward to sharing October with you!

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  1. Glad to see you as the blogger of the month on ARWB. I LOVE your blog btw.

    As a fellow author, I understand the struggle of publishing. I hope all goes well with that–because I can’t wait to read your book. I hope you enjoy the spotlight and get lots of interaction with potential readers.

  2. Katharine says:

    Welcome, Kimberly!
    I blog for the same reason you do–to get published. So glad I found AWB! I know you are, too. Maybe someday I’ll get to attend one of the blogging conferences. Looking forward to reading what you add here!

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