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Red Old Navy Dress Front View
Red Old Navy Dress Close Up
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 Dress Old Navy (old, similar, similar, similar, similar), Pumps Steve Madden, Clutch Old Navy, Sunnies Target

It has been a HOT summer (and for some of us, myself included, that’s a good thing. Bring on the heat! Yes, I know I’m crazy.) Anyway, we all know that especially if you live in Arkansas, it is easy to have to traverse multiple climates in one day. When you leave the house, for example, or go outside at any point, it‘s usually blazing, and you’re bound to start perspiring in seconds. Once you reach the office, it’s like walking into an arctic blast. Some days it feels like the best thing to do is wear your bathing suit for your commute and pack your parka for sitting at your desk. 

Well, that’s not really practical, so I generally have two rules of thumb when I’m dressing for work in the middle of the summer. First, it’s all about what material you’re wearing. Ideally you want something that looks professional, but won’t cause you to suffer a heat stroke. Searsucker and eyelet are good light-weight choices, and I also like things that are silky and sheer or crepe-y, like this red dress.  Depending on what it looks like, you might also be able to get away with something mesh-like, the ultimate breathable material. Secondly, wear something you can layer. I love wearing something sleeveless and then packing a blazer, a sweater, or my denim jacket to throw on where the AC is cranked up.

Hope you are having a great work week! 

Sarah Giammo Head ShotSarah lives with her husband in Benton. She is a full-time student at the William H. Bowen School of Law, where she is working towards an MPA/JD, and she enjoys blogging about business casual style. You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.


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