Stacey Valley – Miss October 2015


Hi, I’m Stacey Valley, your October Blogger of the Month. Fortuitously, this month’s blogging theme is RISK. My life has been blessed with risks taken and the rewarding adventure that follows. Here are some interesting facts about me:


  • Interned for my congressman in DC after graduating from high school (1986)
  • Spent a semester of college at the University of Amsterdam (1989)
  • Traveled across the US with an acting troupe as a singing/dancing bear (1991)
  • Worked as a nurse on an Indian reservation in Arizona (2005-2007)
  • Spent five weeks working as a nurse on the USNS Comfort on a humanitarian mission to South and Central America (2007) 
  • USNScomfort


  • Adopted my foster daughter as a single parent (2010)
  • Deployed to the Gulf Oil spill Emergency Operations Center in Mobile, AL (2010)
  • deepwaterhorizondeployment

  • Traveled with my 3-year-old to Italy, France and Germany on military cargo planes (2012)
  • Married @akvalley (2013)
  • Graduated with a Master in Public Health from University of South Florida (2013)
  • Volunteered at a Kenyan orphanage, then went on safari (2014) kenyasafari
  • Adopted another foster daughter this past summer (2015)   


I started blogging at An Awesome & Amazing Life soon after Anthony and I got married to document the new family that we were becoming. Being an interracial, blended family has its challenges, but I’ve been surprised with how easily our lives have fallen into place.


My blog is a hodgepodge of adoption, cooking, travel and parenting posts. I hope you will check it out. You can also find me online at…






Thank you for joining me on this journey.  


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