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Miss March 2017 – Jodi Coffee

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to be Arkansas Women Blogger’s (AWB) blogger of the month for March! I want to share a few things about myself, and I hope it will give you a good idea of what Jodi Baker Coffee is all about. I’m full-blooded Arkansan. Born and bred. I grew up in Arkadelphia and was there until I left for graduate school. I attended the University of Central Arkansas for physical therapy school and was in the first graduating class of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2003. That same summer I married my hubs, Trevor. We started our lives in his hometown, Hope, and have been here ever since.

We have three beautiful daughters, ages 5, 7, and 9, and two female dogs, Lucy and Pepper. So, yes, my husband is very out-numbered. Our house is a lively buzz of girls laughing, squealing, screaming, singing and crying; dogs barking, snoring, scratching on doors and begging. I am quite accustom to these sounds, but will not deny when everyone is fed and out the door, I’m known to have a cup of coffee and cook a fine breakfast – just for me.

I began my blog years ago as a way to document and journal days and adventures with our first-born. I was at home after spending many years in school and working hard toward building my career. I had no plans of being a stay-at-home mom and quite frankly would give a bit of attitude when the subject matter came about. I didn’t know how to spend those hours “alone” at home. Blogging was a great outlet and I love to look back and enjoy those memories. I returned to work in-between my first and second girls, but stayed at home after our second daughter was born and have been “at home” ever since. Well, as many of you know, once folks know you are at home, they find plenty for you to do.

I was invited to a Hometown Health Coalition meeting one day and within the next several years of involvement, Hope Farmers’ Market was born. I consider it my fourth child and have been at home raising children and working as the farmers market manager ever since.

Also, during my at-home time I would venture to Old Washington Farmers Market. It is there that I met our avid leader, Stephanie Buckley. I remember when she first told me of AWB and the rest is history! I’m so thankful I became involved with AWB. I now know some amazing and talented women (AND men) throughout my participation with this crew. I have so much to learn, but am glad that no matter my skill level in the blogging and writing world, that I’m accepted for who I am. AWB is a diverse group with like-minded goals. We all have something to say, and I love that we have a tribe to help share our voice with others. AWB has strengthened my love and appreciation for our great state of Arkansas, and I truly value the opportunities I’ve had to meet many of our local farmers and makers.

Currently, the majority of my social media outlets are Facebook and Instagram, but I hold on to the hopes of returning to my blog and continuing documenting the stories of our lives. I’m looking forward to sharing more with you all throughout the month of March. Please stop by and say HI!