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Debbie Arnold: Thankful for Ms. Pauline’s Coconut Pie and More

It’s Thanksgiving and I have more to be thankful for than I can express. To our community – you are incredibly generous and faithful to one another. I love you all. To my family – I’m so blessed to have all of you in my life. To my friends – my Ladies Who Lunch and Pray group – you are my rock. 

It’s one of those lifelong friends I want to share with you today because I am so honored to know her and to be one of the recipients of her prayers.

Serving at The Bowery Mission NYC via diningwithdebbie.net
Pauline with my grands at The Bowery Mission

I met Pauline Bethel about 45 years ago and my family has been blessed in innumerable ways since. Following the death of her husband, she made the decision to move, more or less, to NYC where she volunteers daily at The Bowery Mission, because she feels this is God’s purpose for her. I’d love to share just a bit of why I am so thankful for her friendship, but before you READ MORE, let me share a message from her that I just received:

“After the parade we will go to Bowery Mission.  This week we have cooked 700 turkeys, 4 tons potatoes. White and sweet. Dressing from scratch. Gravy. Cranberry sauce.  Frozen veggies. Home made pies.  We will feed 2000 sit down meals at the mission today. Plus all the food we sent out to other locations!!”

I guarantee that her famous Coconut Pie will be on that menu! And aren’t we all thankful there are people in our world, our communities, that care so deeply for others?