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Tasty Tuesday: It’s Been a Souper Month!


We’ve had a full month of some of the best soups, chilis, stews and gumbos shared by our #ARWB members. Have you tried some of them? Did you find a new family favorite? Let us know which ones.

JANUARY SOUP MONTH via nwafoodie Lyndi Fultz

Lyndi Fultz: January is a Soup-Prolific Month

In honor of National Soup Month (that would be now), I decided to browse the search bar on the ol’ blog and see how many soups we shared together over the years.

We had ten.


Ten steaming bowls lifted up to the virtual nostril with eyes closed and then we deeply inhaled their liquid lusciousness.



Gnocchi Soup via Anita Stafford

Anita Stafford: Gnocchi Soup

Cravings are strange creatures. They prowl around whispering about delicious food. They are persistent and determined. A craving caused me to make this creamy Gnocchi Soup, and it did not disappoint. Keep this recipe handy in case your cravings ask for Gnocchi Soup. I found it to be almost identical to the soup at one of my favorite restaurants. My cravings are now well-fed and happy. READ MORE


Lighter Lasagna Soup via Ricci Alexis


Ricci Alexis: Lighter Lasagna Soup

Before this recipe I and never used turkey sausage or whole wheat pasta and so I was pretty skeptical but I surprised at how much flavor it had! It also kept me full and has way less calories than regular lasagna or lasagna soup.

It’s a staple around my house during the cooler months! I hope you enjoy this soup as much as I do!! READ MORE


Cabbage and Potato Soup via Talya Boerner


Talya Boerner: Cabbage and Potato Soup

Did you ever try to lose weight on the Cabbage Soup Diet? I did. In fact when I worked at State Bank, the entire staff from drive-through teller to bank president succumbed to the nastiness. By God(!) in only seven days we would be the skinniest bankers in Dallas!

Or comatose.

THIS is not that soup.  READ MORE