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An Open Letter to My Boys Regarding the Christmas Greetings Controversy


Dear Boys,

Regarding the Now-Annual Christmas Greetings Controversy:

Please do not reduce the sanctity of celebration honoring the birth of your Savior to bitter admonishments about a phrase used at Christmas. Don’t contribute ammo to this perceived war on Christmas.

Dad and I are raising you with what are termed “Judeo-Christian values.” Place God first in your life, Love Him above all. Demonstrate kindness, the kind Jesus showed to others. Don’t steal or cheat or throw baseballs on the roof or wallop on your brother with a stick. Do not scam Boy Three out of his Halloween candy. Respect authority unless asked to do something wrong, knowing full well that “wrong” does not mean having to put your clothes in the hamper rather than on the ceiling fan. Be good to strangers and love your enemies—but for the love of all that his holy and good don’t get in a car with either.



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