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Michelle Shellabarger: Scarborough Fair Dressing {Foodie Friday}








Sages via thepanamamama.com

Dressing is something that defines a family. A simple comfort food made from leftover bread to stretch an expensive meal (typically using what type of bread you had available so in the south- cornbread, in the north- wheat bread.) You can almost guess where someone’s grandma hails from by what type they serve you (dressing, stuffing, cornbread, white bread, fruits, nuts, oysters, chicken, chestnuts…)

YinYangBread via thepanamamama.com

When we started hosting our family holidays we had an unexpected conflict on what we would serve- an all white bread dressing with nuts like my Canadian grandma made or a total traditional cornbread dressing like my husband’s grandmother made? Everyone wanted their personal favorite and so compromise was needed. Thus, I came up with a yin-yang combination dressing that seems to please everyone! READ MORE


Cornbread Dressing/Scarborough Fair Dressing via thepanamamama.com



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Retro Wednesday {Christmas}

Welcome to our new feature called ‘Retro Wednesday’.  We know you, the members of ARWB, are busy writing tons of great content for your own websites.  We want you to have the opportunity to share these links with our other readers.  Each Wednesday we will feature several posts from our archives as well as your archives by providing an excerpt and a link to your favorite post from your personal blog.  Sometimes we will have a theme, sometimes we will post a variety of links.  This weeks theme is Christmas! Enjoy!

A (non-traditional) Christmas Letter

While sending a “Christmas Letter” to friends and family we rarely get to see is a great way to update everyone about the goings-on in our lives, and we only have to do it once a year, it can still be a stressful and time consuming undertaking.   Susan, from Rants With an Old Trout, took a moment out of her busy schedule to share with us her non-traditional, tongue-in-cheek Christmas Letter – blogger-style!

Candy Cane Dip

Sunshine of Make Life Delicious shares this yummy Candy Cane dessert dip with us. Check out her blog for more recipes!

Christmas, rethunk

Shana and her husband rethink the meaning and the reason for Christmas and how they are presenting it to their children. Visit Seeing Life Through My Eyes to read Shana’s story Christmas, rethunk.

Holiday Butter Tradition

Sarah married a third-generation dairy farmer and now blogs about life on a dairy farm.  In December of 2010 on her blog, Spotted Cow Review, she shared about her Holiday Butter Tradition and give a recipe for  yummy Almond Cake Squares!

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