Take a Flight {Adventure}

By Ramona Collins, Miss March 2016

The theme for March is adventure. There are many different interpretations of the this theme. I chose to provide details and insights on a recent trip to the west coast. I believe adventures are opportunities to step outside your comfort zone and enjoy life…while learning a few things.

Take a Flight

As I entered the airport, the clock struck noon. The terminal was busy with the buzz of hurried travelers. This was my first flight in 5 months and my first trip to San Bruno (CA). I looked forward to the sunny days and warmer weather. It was freezing here in NW Arkansas. After grabbing a chocolate nut bar and a Fuji water, I boarded the plane and settled in for the long trip.

We landed in Dallas after a short flight from XNA. Part one of the trip was over. As I sat quietly in the terminal gate area, I watched and watched more. There are so many things to notice and observe – people, things, planes and situations.


When going on an adventure there a levels of emotions – anticipation, excitement, anxiousness, relaxation, relief and more. Honestly, adventures can be full of moments of high exuberance as well as minutes of despair and sadness. In the end, your adventure is either a lesson or blessing. After a layover in Dallas, I was ready for the longest leg of flight.

 Tip: Sitting in a window seat offers a unique view of the world.

While flying over the country, I saw the towns below appear and disappear in the distance. I recognized the mountain ranges and what I’m claiming to be the Grand Canyon. However, the most relaxing view was of the horizon. Oftentimes, we stop and experience the vastness of the sky above with the sun, the moon and the clouds. On this adventure, I gazed out the window and looked at the clouds below.


During the flight, the plane maneuvered over a storm and cloudy skies. AT that moment I realized that adventures are not only fun, but we can also learn a lot. For example: We go about life each day “smooth sailing” through activities similar to the way planes zoom across the sky. We take turns when necessary. We ascend and descend to get around the turbulence. And, we even face stormy weather (read rough times). Just as the plane flew over the storms, in life sometimes the best path through a “storm” is to fly above it. 

What do I mean? 

When going through tough times, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and only see the negative situation. The pain takes over and you feel defeated. When you fly above the storms you choose to: 


  1. Not let the storm of life bring you down. Keep pressing toward your prize. Because in the end you’re gonna win. Focus your energy on positivity and making it to your destination (a solution, a resolution or a conclusion). 
  1. Keep going. Above the storm is a horizon with sunny days. Did you know the sun is always shining. It’s always brightening the world and the universe. You may not see it everyday, but it’s there. When the storms in life arise, realize that there’s a bright side somewhere. 
  1. As with any weather system, the storms will pass. Trouble and heartache don’t last always. Your current situation doesn’t have to be you destination. Stay focused on your goal and continue to make the right decisions. Be patient, your rainbow is on the way. 

Storm Clouds-490x490

  1. Be prepared. There WILL be storms.Your storms can arrive in different forms: The job you wanted will be given to someone else with less experience. The person you love doesn’t treat you right. The sickness you thought was gone returns with a vengeance. The parents you love will need you more than ever. The people you thought were true friends will turn their backs on you when you need them most. Be ready for the cloudy days in life so you can stay ready for the stormy days ahead. 

In the end, my trip to San Bruno was better than expected! I also spent time in Menlo Park and Palo Alto. It’s really beautiful there. California is growing on me. It was great to experience new things and try new foods. The Crab Nachos at New England Lobster Market in Burlingame were ah-mazing. They also make a great Blueberry Lemonade! It was great to get away and find perspective on living a better life. When the opportunity arises, choose your adventure. You might be surprised with what you learn. 

CTA: Think of your recent adventures. What did you learn? How did your life change? Share your story in the comments section below. 


  1. Loved your post. My husband and I used to fly a lot and I loved to watch the changing landscape below, as well ride above the clouds. I’ve never been more frightened than the evening we encountered a thunderstorm. Great analogy about life and adventures in flying.

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