The Best of Renee Birchfield

by Miss June 2017, Renee Birchfield

I am sad that this is the last time I will be sharing with you during my time as Blogger of the Month. I have enjoyed being Mrs. June! Today I am going to share some of my favorite posts. I do talk all about food so it will be a pretty recipe heavy, but I think you will enjoy it!

I do a lot of healthy recipes that follow a diet plan called the Trim Healthy Mama plan and really it is a lifestyle change not a diet. I and so many others have found easy success with it and I love sharing new recipes with followers. Healthy does not have to mean lacking in anything especially flavor!

Sugar-Free Strawberry Cheesecake is one of my favorite recipes. No one would know that it isn’t bad for you. If you really wanted to you could eat a slice for breakfast and have no guilt, not speaking from experience of course 😉

Dinner for Two Stuffed Chicken Breast and Green Beans I am proud of this recipe I didn’t have any source of inspiration except for what I wanted to eat. It turned out great on the first try too!  It is the perfect weeknight quick dinner for two.

10 Spices Every Kitchen Needs My top ten lists of spices you should have. I love giving kitchen tips on the blog too.  This was one of my more popular posts on Pinterest.

Grilled Veggies Perfect for summer. This couldn’t be a simpler process and they turn out great every time!

I have had so much fun hanging out this month and sharing with all you lovely ladies! I hope you have enjoyed too.  


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