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By Ramona Collins of Addicted to Fries

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RCollins bio photo 2 At the core of things, Ramona Collins is a storyteller. As the creator of the Addicted to Fries blog, it’s fitting that she enjoys french fries and everything associated with them. She’s a foodie, a carb lover and someone on a mission to lose the extra pounds. Professionally, she is a marketer in the retail industry. Her content focuses on food, exercise, traveling and events. Ramona is a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Her blog is her life…one post at a time.


Welcome to year three of the Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange!

This is your chance to send a little token of the holiday’s to one of your ARWB sisters!  And you will get a little something too.

Here’s how it will work!

AWB Handmade Ornament Swap {Secret Santa}

This week we’re inviting you to show off your craftiness and surprise an ARWB pal with a handmade ornament. The ornament need not be fancy or complicated but it must be handmade. It’s just a chance for you to share a little something with a fellow blogger.
Enter your information in the form below before midnight on Friday, October 31st.On Sunday, you will receive an email with the address of your secret pal. You will have until November 30th to mail your ornament to your secret pal.  On December 15th, we will provide a Linky so you can link your post about the ornament you received.

If you’re not that crafty, don’t worry.  We’ve created a Pinterest board full of handmade ornament ideas!  Check it out here.

May I send more than one ornament or something extra to my secret pal?

Only one ornament is required. If you would like to send several you are more than welcome to.  If you would like to include any extra little goodies you may, but this is not required!  If you do include something extra, please keep the total cost of the box contents below $10.

When should I reveal myself to my partner?

Please let your partner know who you are by including a note in your package.


Two years ago we had one ornament travel all the way to Florida before it made it to its new home only a few towns away from where it originated. We HIGHLY recommend that you track your package!

How do I sign up?

If you wish to participate, please sign up using the form below.  Remember, the deadline to sign up is Friday, October 31st.

By filling out the form you agree to the following:

  1. You will make an ornament and send it to your fellow blogger.
  2. You will mail your ornament no later than November 30th.(You can mail it earlier!)
  3. You will not publicly reveal (social media or blog) who you are sending to or whom you received from until December 15th.

If you fail to receive an ornament by December 15th please contact Julie immediately so she can get in touch with your secret pal.


By Miss October 2014, Deborah Brauser

I believe the world is made up of animal lovers and non-animal lovers. And that first group can be subdivided further by levels of love. My “guilty pleasures” confession this week is that yes, I am one of those crazy-about-my-dog people. But come on, look at those big blue eyes!


I’ve always loved animals, especially dogs. And I was lucky to have wonderful adventures with some really, really great doggy pals. But Dakota came into my life when both of us were at a low point and really needed each other.

I decided right before I moved to Arkansas that I was finally ready for another large dog after my last one passed away at the wonderfully old age of 17. Believe it or not, I found Dakota in a cute picture posted on a Craigslist forum in Oklahoma while I was still living in Orlando. It was estimated that he was about 2 years old back in 2010, but he’d had a rough life. Previous owners had abandoned or ignored him, and one had even shot him in his hindquarters.

Even worse, his last owner told me she almost gave him to a guy who seemed nice but then let slip that he wanted this sweet pup for dog fighting! That thought still makes me sick to my stomach and I had no problem jumping through several hoops to prove that I would be the one to give this dog, at the time named Kota, a loving forever home.

2.FirstMeeting Our first meeting. I’m keeping him!

But one week after bringing him to my first place in Arkansas, I got the news that he had heartworms. The vet asked: since I’d only just met him, would I want to have him treated? Um, yes. This ball of fur had already stolen my heart! So after lots of vet trips and medications that actually contained arsenic, and spending roughly 45 days on house arrest (actually forced relaxation), he was cured. And we had become a tight team.

Renamed Dakota, my newly healthy dog loved (and still loves) adventures, walks, hikes, long drives, and meeting new people. This included a fun outing last year to Murfreesboro to go digging for diamonds


And to go wandering through the city’s antique stores.


Seriously, these shop owners came out to the street and begged us to come in. I was kind of shocked just how pet-friendly these wonderful people were!

So now that Fall is here and the weather’s a little cooler, I’m ready for more animal adventures. I’ve heard that War Eagle Cavern in Rogers and Wegner Crystal Mine in Mt. Ida welcomes well-behaved dogs on leashes, and that there are several pet-friendly lodging options in Eureka Springs. Does anyone have other suggestions for places to go, check out, or stay? We’re all ears! ;-)

5.SuitcaseWhere should we go next??


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October 19, 2014

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October 16, 2014

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October 15, 2014

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October 12, 2014

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