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By Mel Lockcuff, Miss December 2014

Lately, I’ve written so much about Christmas trees, you’d think I’d be tired of it by now. But I don’t think I could ever tire of the Christmas tree. Every year I’m chompin’ at the bit, so excited to get it up; and I put off taking it down for as long as humanly possible. We’ve been known to still have our tree up come Valentine’s Day.

Christmas Tree {MamaBuzz}

This week I thought I’d take you on a little tour of our Christmas tree. The kids insisted on a real tree this year; I can’t imagine going back to artificial. This Fraser Fir smells so good and brings back so many memories. With the amount of needles that are already falling, I am hoping that it lasts ‘til Christmas, though. I’m not gonna lie; it’s a little concerning.

Back to our tour, though… Normally, we have silver tinsel, icicles, and every ornament possible on the tree. This year we took a more laidback approach to decorating the tree. We added the lights and a little burlap. Funny story about the lights… We had good intentions when we purchased LED lights. We put them on the tree and couldn’t stand the way they looked or the way they blinded us if we turned our head a certain way when we were looking at the tree. So, we unwrapped the LED’s and added regular lights instead. While our tree may be a bit bad for the environment, it sure is easy on the eyes. When asked if white lights or colored lights are better, we add both. I love the white lights; my kids and Dan love the multi-colored lights.

Now for the special, sentimental portion of this post…the ornaments. I’ve often told Dan that if we had another house fire, if I had the choice to save something and everyone was safe, our Christmas ornaments are one thing I’d try to get. A good portion of our ornaments belonged to my grandma; in fact, I remember helping her decorate her tree with quite a few of the ornaments we hang on our tree now. The kids ask about the ornaments, and it’s fun to be able to talk about why certain ornaments are so special.

A few of the ornaments my grandpa made; he was a needlework pro and loved tatting, up until he had his stroke. Anything he created was so, so special. We have ornaments with dated years on them; I think my grandma must have gotten some of them from magazines she was subscribed to. Santa in a roadster… Need I say more? Anything with pictures of our boys, like one of the first times Jacob met Santa… the Empire State Building from a trip with my mom to NYC…

Sentimental Christmas Ornaments {MamaBuzz}

A glass snowflake ornament I bought for my grandma when I worked at the BonTon Department Store in New York… These red silk ball ornaments that Grandma had on her tree every single year (I know they seem so simple, but I just love them)… Ornaments from some of our family adventures… Ornaments we’ve made together or the boys have made, like smell good, cinnamon, holiday shapes or painted ceramic/wooden ornaments… The little fabric stuffed Christmas tree my school van driver gave me when I was just a little girl… Anything vintage.

Sentimental and vintage Christmas Ornaments {MamaBuzz}

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Of course, I can’t forget the star on top of the tree. Our Christmas tree brings a touch of cozy, a bit of merry, so many memories, and a whole lotta sentimental holiday spirit.

Do you have your tree up? What’s special to you about your tree?


Sunday Link-Up {Dec. 21, 2014}

December 21, 2014





December 20, 2014

When we first looked at our future home that we would eventually buy, the first thing that I was attracted to was the giant 9×9 window at the front of it. I have always affectionately called it our “Christmas Tree Window”. We moved in to our house in March of 2013, so I was BEYOND ready for Christmas… so much so, that I told my husband that we had to set up our tree several weeks before Thanksgiving so I could enjoy my Christmas tree window as long as possible.


We actually don’t have a very tall tree- it’s only 7 feet tall. But my handy husband built a stand so it would look perfect in our window!

IMG_4263 (1)

Our décor was purchased 3 years ago at Hobby Lobby. I decided to go with a “Winter Wonderland” theme, where everything was white, gold, and silver. Even though some people view it as “plain”, I think of it as “easy to match with everything else in my house”! Ha!

My favorite ornament would have to be our special marriage ornament that we purchased from Hallmark. Every year, my hubby and I give each other a kiss as we hang it up. It’s cheesy, I know… But it’s a tradition that my parents started 30 years ago, so we’re carrying it on!


We didn’t have a mantel before this house, so I wanted it to look extra special. We found our garland for SUPER cheap (I can’t remember where from), and we filled our flower box, which was made by my father-in-law, with a random assortment of fake flowers. This year, we need to add a stocking for our 4 month old baby.


Every year, we are adding something Christmas-y to our collection of décor- this year, we are going to put up exterior lights… And after Christmas, I think I’m going to buy some Christmas china to enjoy next year!

leslyn jacksLeslyn has been blogging at Leslyn’s Lovely Life for about 3 years, and she calls it her free therapy. She is married to her college sweetheart, DJ, and they just had baby Emmett this summer. Leslyn is a lover of all things social media, and would love to connect with you! Here’s where you can find her:
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