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By Brenda McClain of Art on the Green and







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renee birchfield rice stir fry

ARWB member Renee Birchfield shares her step-by-step method for making stir-fried rice on her blog If Spoons Could Talk

Stir-fried rice is a popular dish not only when dining out, but also for making in our homes. With a little ingenuity, rice, a few vegetables and a bit of protein, if desired, you can whip up a tasty and filling meal for your family in a short amount of time. 

“Stir-Frying is defined as frying rapidly over high heat while stirring briskly. It is the Chinese version of the French’s sauteeing, typically done in a wok over high heat.  If you don’t have a wok though that is ok, but if this becomes a common method of cooking for you I recommend that you get a good quality one as it does help when cooking.”

Renee Birchfield











Check out these stir fry ideas from Riceland:


Duck Fried Rice


Brown Fried Rice


Chinese Fried Rice with Bacon and Mushrooms


Quick and Easy Vegetarian Fried Rice

mandarin stir fry

Mandarin Stir Fry

Have a favorite stir-fry idea or recipe? Share your recipe link with us or tell us about your idea in the comments.

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Best of Nancy

September 26, 2016

Thanks for reading my posts this month! Each week has given me a challenge as I considered my blogging journey, daily life, and favorites.

Some of my favorite blog posts cover the topics of prayer, hope, and perspective.

Knowing God as my refuge has given me peace and hope. When I faced a cancer diagnosis or navigated end-of-life issues with my parents, I knew God as my trusted refuge.

In August 2015 I had another unexpected surgery and needed to trust God for the results.

Many times we need an adjustment to our perspective of life. My most popular post is about one about perspective.

Here are a few more of my favorites.

Rick and I were keynote speakers at a marriage conference recently, and had a photo shoot afterwards. We plan on writing a book using the material.

The other photos are of my favorite little people, our five grandchildren. Our kids are pretty special, but these days the little ones steal my heart!



Sunday Link-Up {Sept. 25, 2016}

September 25, 2016
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Celebrating National Rice Month with ARWB

September 24, 2016

Arkansas Women Blogger members enjoy a special relationship with Riceland Foods. Not only is this Arkansas-based company headquartered here, it supports and features some of the best farmers and producers in our state. Riceland is unique because it is a cooperative of rice farmers, meaning it is owned by those farmers. Both Riceland and ARWB take […]

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Alison Chino: Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp {National Rice Month}

September 23, 2016

I love a curry. I enjoy Indian curries with all kinds of lentils and veggies and I also like the fresher feel of Thai curries with citrus flavors and seafood. These days you can buy your own curry pastes in the grocery store, but there is something sort of nourishing about crushing the garlic and […]

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In the Kindergarten Classroom

September 22, 2016

Did you know they don’t take naps in kindergarten anymore? It’s true! They spend those extra minutes learning sight words, factoring addition problems, and focusing on how to become upstanding citizens. Kindergarten has come a long way from the days we learned glue was not food. Although last month marked my second time to fight […]

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Focus {Wordless Wednesday}

September 21, 2016

By Keri of My Table of Three Keri lives near Russeville,AR with her husband and son. She spends her days baking, writing for her blog and home schooling. She blogs about gluten free and low carb food over at

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Comforting Breakfast Rice from Gina K {National Rice Month}

September 20, 2016

When the days grow shorter and darker and colder, Gina K of Desperately Seeking Gina, turns to one of her favorite comfort foods she fondly remembers from her youth growing up in Michigan. Breakfast Rice was a staple Gina’s mother prepared every Saturday morning.     Many of us grew up eating rice for breakfast […]

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Snapshots in the Week of Nancy Kay Grace

September 19, 2016

Is there a “typical day” for anyone? My days vary with different scheduled activities, and then I usually have to adapt my plan as life unfolds. Here are snapshots of my week. Before I start, I have a confession: waking up is hard for me. My family loving refers to me as “Fog Woman” in […]

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