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Hey y’all. My name is Jacqueline & I am grateful to be the July Blogger of the Month for Arkansas Women Bloggers. I absolutely adore being a part of this community. 

Profile pic for AWBThe very first blogging I ever did was for NWA Motherlode. They invited me to blog through my pregnancy as “Mommy in Progress”.  That got me interested. Once my daughter was born in 2009, I started my own blog, Creative Outpour. I had become a stay-at-home-mom & I wanted to connect with people online that shared similar interests. Back then, I spent a lot of time drooling over interior design blogs, so I wanted to start one of my own. It was fun to post on various topics like, “How to Decorate Your Entry” or “DIY Wall Art.” Over time, it has evolved into a blog that also includes posts about faith, family, organizing &, my life. 

I began to do some small posts for brands reviewing products & giveaways. Eventually, I joined blogger networks and started getting higher paid sponsored posts. It was awesome to be able to contribute our family’s income from home. A little over a year ago, I began working as a Social Media Manager for Oh Baby Foods. Still, I have been fortunate to be able to mostly work from home & slowly transition into working more in the office as my children become school-aged. I have been helped every step of the way from this amazing community. 

If I can ever be helpful to you or if you ever want to collaborate in some way, it would be my privilege. Let’s chat.

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 by Rhonda Franz, Miss June 2015

This summer, we took a journey south, way south to the beach for our first real family vacation. My husband, me the boys—the longest car trip the kiddos have been on (and our first that wasn’t a stay at the grandparents’ house).

We ended up going through states that are part of The Women Bloggers community, stopping a few places along the way.

We’re latecomers to technology trends. Boys made do with a borrowed DVD player, a Kindle, and plenty of books. We’re latecomers to technology trends. Boys made do with a borrowed DVD player, a Kindle, and plenty of books.

We traveled south to Conway, Arkansas, home of some of our south-in-the-state Arkansas Women Bloggers, and a nice stopping point for lunch. (We are the family who takes breaks on road trips.) Who doesn’t love Marketplace Grill?

On to Memphis, where we ate at Huey’s. Burgers, tamales, fries, salads. I forgot to take a picture of my tamales. They sure were good.

Our next stop: Mississippi. Home of the Mississippi Women Bloggers. Birthplace of Elvis.

Elvis lives on. Elvis lives on.

And then on to Gulf in south Alabama, where the Alabama Women Bloggers live.

Gulf Shores at last. See that stairway to the beach? Gulf Shores at last. See that stairway to the beach?

We ate great big food at The Hangout on Gulf Shores, a family-friendly outdoor restaurant a few feet from the shore. No shower required.

After a morning of swimming, we’re hungry. And The Hangout restaurant knows it. After a morning of swimming, we’re hungry. And The Hangout restaurant knows it.

We made a hotel in Fairhope, Alabama our home for the week, taking a couple of visits to the town pier and beach. Beautiful views, wonderful weather, quaint downtown shops and restaurants: Fairhope is a terrific place to stay, nestled conveniently within an hourish or less drive to Gulf Shores, Mobile, and Pensacola, Florida.

Downtown Fairhope, Alabama. Downtown Fairhope, Alabama.

Great service and friendly conversations at every place we stopped helped keep our family vacation enjoyable: an example, I am certain, of genuine Southern hospitality. I suspect it won’t be too long before I’ll want to go back.

Where did (or where will) you journey on vacation this year?



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The Path I’ve Chosen

June 27, 2015

by Sandra Jones  This path I’ve chosen Or was it chosen for me All I know is it seems As if it was meant to be. Never in a million years Would I have said in my youth This is my dream This is my truth. |And yet here I am Always justifying the joy [...]

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Amanda Farris: Toasted Walnut and Red Pear Salad {Foodie Friday}

June 26, 2015

Its Sweet Summer Time! We have already been enjoying lots of summer food, my favorite being grilled corn on the cob and homemade ice cream. But in the summer, we also enjoy lots of fresh salads especially this favorite, Toasted Walnut and Red Pear salad.  When I say favorite, I mean you will catch me [...]

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Surviving the Long Journey

June 25, 2015

by Renee Burchfield This year for vacation my hubby and I decided that we would drive from Central Arkansas to Orlando, Florida, that is a 15-hour drive. On the way there we would be driving through the night so that we would get there with plenty of time to enjoy a full day in Orlando.  [...]

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Women Kick It All Around the World! {Wordless Wednesday}

June 24, 2015

By Sarah Daigle of Blended Blitz Canadian- American. Educated woman. Business babe. Passionate technologist. Startup spouse. Educator. Mom of boys. Documentarian of Blended Blitz family. Step-Cruella to young women.

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A Journey to Contentment: 33 Pleasures of Summer

June 22, 2015

by Rhonda Franz, Miss June 2015 I’m nothing if not a lover of simple pleasures. When the going gets tough, I go after the things that make me smile: during the week, during the day, sometimes during one hour—things offer respite and refreshment, however small. Seeking out the good in the ordinary helps me out [...]

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Sunday Link-Up {June 21, 2015}

June 21, 2015

We’re sharing our thoughts. Join us! #Sunday #LinkUp #ARWB Click To Tweet

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Shannon Magsam: Family Favorite Fruit Salad {Foodie Friday}

June 19, 2015

Just after Christmas last year, my parents sold their big, sprawling farmhouse and moved into a smaller place. When I say their house, I really mean their home. It was a place my siblings and I — and our kids — all loved dearly. We might still be a little in shock that we don’t [...]

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