#ARWB Leadership Team Profiles

Why do we always say #ARWB? ‘Cause we’re on the Twitter and that’s the hashtag for Arkansas Women Bloggers! Join us!

If you find yourself with loads of spare time on your hands and would like to learn more about the Arkansas Women Bloggers leadership team, fret no more: read on for 15 Questions with each of the leading ladies…

Stephanie Buckley- Founder & Public Relations Princess

  • Born: Meridian, MS, a sweet magnolia from the magnolia state. And, a steel magnolia when need-be.StephHeadShot
  • Raised: 5th Generation Meridianite, until I bolted for college. Great place to be from, a place where your bosoms can be fake, your smile can be fake, and your hair color fake, but your pearls and silver must always be real.
  • Lineage: Mississippi-bred Southern Belle who knows what “Bless Your Heart” really means. 
  • Educated: University of Southern Mississippi, B.A. in Journalism, emphasis Public Relations, Minor: Spanish (I really wish I would have paid more attention to that now)
  • Hubs: The extraordinary park ranger, who really is not a park ranger, he is a park superintendent, but, he wears a brown uniform and sometimes a gun, in a holster, and a bullet proof vest. These senior tour bus groups can be a gnarly bunch.
  • Responsible for: Saving the world, well, not really my Jesus already did that, but He has given me two little guys who I am charged with raising to be warriors that seek the face and heart of God, as they learn to wield a sword and conquer the ugly in this grand adventure called life.
  • Day job: Wife, homeschool mom, small farmer, city council member, farmers’ market manager, freelance writer, and maker of cool things out of refrigerator boxes.
  • Blog(s): I am known as The Park Wife in the web world, of course, that is not my real name, I just pretend it is. It’s fun, and a little crazy. Yep, that about sums me up. I started blogging in 2007 as a way to express my inner writer and connect with… I really had no idea. I liked getting comments. Plus, The Pioneer Woman had a blog, I thought it was cool… badah-boom-badah-bingThe Park Wife.
  • Other passions: Did I mention that I am married to a HOT park ranger? There’s my passion girls.
  • Favorite author/books: List of books on my desk right now: The Help, Local Flavors by Deborah Madison, The Penguin Complete Novels of Jane Austen, Crazy Love, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, Janet Evanovich How I Write,  and The Pioneer Woman Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and her cookbook that she signed for me to give away on this blog soon!!!
  • Favorite blogs: The Pioneer Woman (of course) BooMama (because I went to high school with her and she is a genuine, beautiful soul), Eat2Gather (my soul sistah), and blogs of my fellow ARWB gals.
  • Dream vacation: Small Italian village where I can grow a garden and have an 80-year-old Italian woman teach me all she knows about cooking and life.
  • On the Twitter: @parkwife
  • Where else to find her: At the Farmers’ Market, oh the virtual world, I love me some Pinterest, and can not give up my Facebook addiction (I have triedrepeatedly).
  • What to contact her about: PR opportunities, ideas for your company or brand to collaborate with ARWB, product offerings for our member bloggers, event partnerships or just to seek counsel for your blog.

Julie Kohl – Content Cultivator & Calendar Girl

  • Born:  In the Nutmeg State.
  • Raised: In a barnwell not really but my dad would always ask me if I was when I would leave the front door wide open (a habit I still have to this day!) I grew up in the Green Mountain State.
  • Lineage: Since moving down south I have been constantly informed that I am a Yankee.  At first I was offended by the way people said it but now I am proud of it! My dad was also a “Nutmegger” and my mother hails from the Garden State.
  • Educated: BA in Education – Harding University; BA in Art –Harding University; Masters in Gifted and Talented – Arkansas State University
  • Hubs: Richie – he teaches Gifted and Talented students in Bradford. He is the love of my life and the best guy I have ever met.   Honestly, I feel bad for all the other women out there that I snagged him up before they could!
  • Responsible for: Cooking, cleaning, gardening, chickens and more!  Pretty much if it needs to be done I am
    responsible for doing it or at least telling my husband to do it!
  • Day job: I get to play with paint, markers, crayons and clay all day! I am the 5-12 Grade Art Teacher at the Bald Knob School District.
  • Blog(s): Eggs and Herbswhere creativity meets the farm and The Renegade Farmer –  (Contributing Author)
  • Other passions: Arkansas Chess Association, Reading, Crafting, Writing, Painting, Art Journals and Zentangle
  • Favorite author/books: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Carl Hiaasen, E.B. White, Kristen Hannah
    I enjoy books about cooking, pioneering and mysteries.
  • Favorite blogs:  Deep Space Sparkle , Desperately Seeking Gina – (A fellow #ARWB member!), Art with Mr. E, Daisy Yellow, Tasty Kitchen, Artsyville
  • Dream vacation:  I love anywhere I can go to be with my husband but my absolute favorite vacation destination is the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida.  It is fun, beautiful, romantic and relaxing. We always have a good time there!
  • On the Twitter: @eggsandherbs
  • Where else to find her: Facbook and Pinterest
  • What to contact her about:  Guest Blogging Submissions, Blogger of the Month

Debbie Arnold – Foodista (and  Whatever Stephanie Says)

  • Born:  During a snowstorm a week before Christmas in a rural south-central AR town at a small medical “clinic” that also served as the doctor’s home.   I always seem to make things complicated.   Or at least interesting.
  • Raised:  Arkansas has always been my home.  I choose to be here.  I’m proud to be from here.  I did spend a year in California after which my mom said that was when I picked up my stubborn streak.  I really think I came by that naturally – a maternal inheritance most likely.  My Nonnie would definitely agree with that.
  • Lineage: I have dirt under my fingernails from grandparents whose family farms exceeded several acres and a great grandmother who loved flowers but thought grass was a debbie headshotweed and pearls around my neck because I’m just made that way.
  • Mamaw taught me how to make homemade potato chips and the best chicken and dumplings; she also taught me how to wring a chicken’s neck and how to make paper dolls from a Sears catalog.  Nonnie taught me to love family and traditions, how to slather myself with nasty sulfur rub before heading out to pick blackberries, and why composting is good for the garden.  They both taught me that faith and prayer are privileges to be nurtured and exercised.  I’m pretty sure they both believed “spare the rod, spoil the child” was created just for me.
  • Pa taught me how to snake a sewer line and how to roof a house – skills I hope never to use again.  From Papaw I learned about gee and haw, but I never learned how to convince a mule that it couldn’t quit.  They also taught me that good men come in all shapes and sizes and show their strength by how well they treat their spouses and love their families.
  • I grew up knowing all of my grandparents, a great grandmother, surrounded by tons and tons of aunts, uncles and cousins and in a two-parent home.  Yes, I was fortunate. And loved.  And secure.
  • I’m named after my mom’s baby sister, Aunt Sue, the kindest soul on Earth.  I did hear her say sh*t one time.  She was so embarrassed that she almost passed out.  I can’t ever let her let her find out that I told you.
  • My little sister is not as old as I by five years. Bless her heart; she paid for that.  She had a gray streak by the age of 14; I’m glad she got those genes.    She’s wild; she drives a red Corvette and rides motorcycles.    We both love convertibles- hers is red;  mine is black.
  • Educated: Graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a B.A. in Speech Pathology and the University of Central Arkansas in Conway with a M.S.E. in Learning Disabilities.  Don’t ask me how I spent over twenty plus years teaching English and Pre-AP EnglishTo middle schoolers no lessAnd no, I do not have lots of patience.
  • Hubs: I’ve been hanging out with this special guy for more than forty years—technically longer than that if you start counting from the day I met him.  He’s a trained chemist turned lawyer turned prosecutor turned circuit judge.  I suspect his next turn will be golfer or fisherman.  I’ll keep you posted.  You can call him Gary; our grandchildren call him OoHoo – it’s a story for another time
  •  Responsible for: regularly telling Hubby each spring that we need more garden space and that the “weed” he just pulled up was a peony, a pea or a petunia .  I also think I am responsible for making a difference in the lives of my students.
  • Day job:  I work rather diligently at being retired these days.  Some days it’s a tough job.  I never pass  up an opportunity to have play dates with my grandchildren.  Their kisses, hugs and laughter are  worth more than dollars any day.
  • Blog(s): Dining With Debbie where I write about food, faith, family and fun.   Arkansas Bloggers, which I intermittently co-sponsor, links up bloggers across the state.
  • Other passions: My perfect grandchildren, Connor and Kate, since you asked.    Occasionally, I watch The Food Network or The Cooking Channel or Julia Child on P.B.S. I love holidays and holiday decorations, especially Christmas.  I dearly love warm summer sunshine, a homey fireplace in autumn, a pristine snowfall in the winter, the green of new spring growth and the beach anytime of the year.  Any beach.  Anywhere.   Oh, and I’m crazy about Duck Dynasty.  That’s a fact, Jack!
  • Favorite author/books:  That’s like asking who’s your favorite child.  Impossible.  You’ll never guess how many cookbooks I own.  That’s impossible as well.
  • Favorite blogs:  It depends on what the day brings; it’s probably yours.  I love it by the way.
  • Dream vacation:  I’ve never met a vacation  I didn’t like.  Hubby once surprised me with a birthday trip to Italy.  That was pretty dreamy, especially the hot air balloon ride over Tuscany.  I’ve skied blue slopes at the Continental Divide (not blacks – I’m no fool), zip lined through a jungle in Costa Rica, swum with the fishes in the Hawaiian and Cayman Islands, stood in awe on the rim of the Grand Canyon and cried at Ground Zero.  I’ve seen the Crown jewels and shared a picnic at Mont Blanc and a croque monsieur on the steps of Sacré Coeur.  Ireland, Scotland, and Australia — they’re on my list.  A few weeks in the South Pacific wouldn’t be too shabby either.  Hey, it is my dream after all.
  • On the Twitter: @diningwithdeb
  • Where else to find her: Facebook at Debbie Horton Arnold and Dining With Debbie, Instagram (diningwithdebbie),  and at Pinterest.  Oh, there’s Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Foursquare, Get Glue, Gowalla, Periscope andmy head hurts just thinking about it.  I may need intervention.
  • What to contact her about: Interested in writing for AWB for Foodie Friday?  Do you know about an interesting farmers’ market, food festival or foodie event?  What about a small Arkansas specialty farming operation?  Have you written a cookbook, ebook or otherwise?  Contact me at diningwithdebbieblog AT gmail DOT com and let’s get you scheduled.  If you have ARWB social media questions, I’m your gal.
  • Otherwise, contact me for lunch.  At your place.  With you cooking.  Thank you very much.


Alison Chino – Blogging About Blogging

  • Born: In Chicago, Illinois. My parents were living up north when I was born because my daddy was in seminary, but to quote the Indigo Girls, “When God made me born a Yankee, he was teasing.”
  • alisonChinoRaised: Arkansas. My parents are both from North Little Rock, so we moved back to Dogtown when I was six. I left home when I was 18 but made my way back to North Little Rock for my thirties. This year we’ve moved to Scotland for a three year European adventure, but I’ll always claim Arkansas as home.
  • Lineage: Both my grandmothers are from Arkansas. They married Yankees, but brought them back to the South to live where the people are kind and the farmland is rich. My parents went to school together in kindergarten and were high school sweethearts.
  • Educated: I started at John Brown University, headed off to Europe to study culture and foreign languages and finished at the University of Central Arkansas with a B.A. in English and French.
  • Hubs: I first noticed Taido at a church camp where he stood up and said he was ready to die for Jesus. I was so fascinated by this guy who was raised by a Japanese Buddhist priest and a hippy mama from California. After twenty years, he still surprises me. Last summer he took a hiatus from being a pastor for many years to pursue a PhD in theology which is why we’re currently living in Scotland.
  • Responsible for: Since we have four children and three of them are teenagers who are about to eat us out of house and home, I feel like all I do is cook and do laundry. Did I mention that they don’t use dryers in Scotland? I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to get clothes dry in a climate that is constantly damp. Y’all, that’s just different.
  • Day job: I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 17 years and now that all my babies are in school, I’ve decided to finally call myself a writer. I’ve been writing for years, but I’m just now brave enough to claim the title as my own. 
  • Blog(s): I tell stories, share recipes and show off pretty pictures of our home in Scotland over at Chino House, and I show up in other corners of the internet as well, blogging about travel for The Huffington Post.
  • Other passions: I love to be outside. The woods are where I connect best with my Creator and I love to see the world from the mountains. I also love for my kids to be outside, so we take walks daily. I am all about some yoga and I never get tired of reading memoirs. Also, I might be slightly addicted to traveling. And reading about traveling. And planning trips.
  • Favorite author/books: All time favorite book: Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a close second though. I love any good story. Currently I’m working my way through Bill Bryson’s travel writing and it is gold.
  • Favorite blogsYes and YesFevered MutteringsAlexandra FranzenSmittenKitchen101 Cookbooks
  • Dream vacation: Somewhere new and beautiful that I’ve never been before, with my family or (let’s be honest) with my girlfriends.
  • On the twitter@alisonchino
  • Where else to find herInstagram is my jam, but I love Pinterest and Facebook as well.
  • What to contact her about: Anything about blogging, writing or social media. I’m not an expert but I’m really good at research. Ask me a question and I will try to find the answer. Also, if your travels are going to take you to Europe sometime soon, I have some suggestions. Shoot me an email at alison (at) alisonchino.com.

Ashley Ederington – Wordless Wednesday Womanashley

  • Born: The 29th of September, a beautiful Tuesday morning, in Benton, Arkansas.
  • Raised: Also in Benton, not very exciting. 
  • Lineage: My mother’s family can be traced back to Austria in the 1430s, but my father’s family is very mysterious. Both sides have been in Arkansas since the Civil War.
  • Educated:  I obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology, chemistry minor in December of 2013 from Henderson State University.  Currently, I am in graduate school working toward my Master of Arts in Teaching.
  • Hubs:  I have admired Aaron since junior high. He has always had the most mysterious eyes. He was a popular football player and I was a nerd, but I finally landed him my junior year (his senior year). We dated for several years, but drifted apart in college. Lucky for both of us, we reunited later and are living happily ever after.  Aaron is a Psychiatric Registered Nurse at a central Arkansas hospital.
  • Responsible for: Well, we have a 125 acre hobby farm with all sorts of animals, so from day to day, this varies. On days that Aaron works, I am responsible for everything around the farm, which is fun, but a challenge. On days that Aaron is home, I can just be a normal Wife and Mom. 
  • Day job: I am a high school biology teacher at a Central Arkansas school district.
  • Blog(s): I blog about my running adventures at Maniac Mom and my lovely family at The Ederington Family.
  • Other passions: I run. I run a lot. I enjoy pushing myself, just to see what happens and I haven’t died yet, so I plan to push further. I also like to birdwatch, garden, sit in the woods for long periods of time, fish, sing, paint my nails, and day dream.
  • Favorite author/books: Man, my reading material is all over the map. I love reading books written by famous runners that detail their race history and I also love reading scientific journals. I love Kafka and I also love Stephen King. I just like good stories that spark my imagination. 
  • Favorite blogs: I like reading blogs that are written by people who are very different from me. I love crafty and artsy bloggers the most, because I couldn’t be creative if my life depended on it…
  • Dream vacation: I try to make a life that I don’t need to vacation from, but if I had to pick something it would revolve around the outdoors or running. Maybe Northern California or Idaho? Or running in Greece. Wait, I heard there was an awesome marathon in Rome. I don’t know, somewhere pretty with a place for me to run…
  • On the twitter: @ManiacMomBlog
  • Where else to find herPersonal FacebookBlog FacebookGoogle+InstagramPinterest. My last name is very unique, if you want to find me, Google me.  I am the only Ashley Ederington on the planet.
  • What to contact her about: I am the Wordless Wednesday Woman! I ask for volunteers around the 15th of every month, so if you feel inspired about anything, let me know! I also like to talk, so email me if you are lonely. I can always be contacted via email: ashleyederington.com (minus the spaces).

A huge thanks and many jewels in her crown for keeping us all straight is the extraordinary Fawn Reckhemmer, Insteadofthedishes.comMOMcation.org, and 4rechs.wordpress.comEven though she has moved back to her home state of Missouri, she will always hold a special place in the Arkansas Women Blogger world. Thank you for being you and everything you did for ARWB Fawn!

And thanks to Beth Stephens (The Little Magpie and The Food Adventuress), who without her there would have never been an #awbu 2010 which means we would not be where we are today holding that cool annual Unplugged blog conference.  Her vision and passion to help gather, grow, and connect bloggers in our state left us better than she found us (thank goodness).