Begin {Blogger of the Month}

by Rhonda Bramell, Miss January 2015

Begin. What a tiny little word filled with so much hope; and what an appropriate theme for January’s posts.  For me personally, it means so many things in 2015.

This year, I want to make an effort to remember that I get to start over every single day. Sometimes I feel like I’m struggling as a parent, as a wife and even as an employee. We are so lucky that each day starts over and we can adjust, adapt and/or fix what went wrong the day before. So many times I forget that, which often leads to unnecessary self- doubt and guilt. Nobody has time for that.


I’m going to hit a milestone birthday this year, and I don’t mean 30. I’m not too worried about it, but there are some goals that I want to accomplish before the big day. I want to get back in shape, lose a few pounds and commit to completing a 5K before my big day. There, it is written. I guess I just made that commitment?


Later this year, my twin babies will start kindergarten. It hardly seems possible! I’m so excited for them to begin that journey, and I’m so thankful they have each other to share it with.  Luckily, they will also have Big Sister at school to show them the ropes—how to navigate the lunch line, riding the school bus and all those other scary school things.


Are you choosing a word theme for yourself and/or your blog this year? I’ve decided to go with motivation, which I desperately need.  I want to start the year motivated to be the best I can be, ready to accomplish all the things that I need to do.  OK, let’s be honest; maybe just begin all the things.  There’s one hefty thing in particular that I want to tackle, which I’ll shared in my recent post here on ARWB. Check it out!


  1. Begin is a great word, and so is motivation. It’s tough to get into the habit of taking a moment each morning to center (I certainly haven’t developed it yet). Let’s be accountability partners! We can discuss over movie popcorn. Woo!!

    • Rhonda says:

      Laurie, you know I’m all over the popcorn part! I’m happy to say that I’ve already made some good progress on my “list.” I’ve decided that sometimes I’m just a little scared of the unknown. Is that normal?

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