Best of the Bauer Bunch

by Jessica Bauer, Miss July 2016

Best of the Bunch

When I think about this blog’s greatest hits, I go back to its roots.

I have waxed poetic through the years about my faith and I’ve written-how to manuals on starting your own backyard garden, but when it boils down to it, my favorite posts are about my family. That’s why you’ll find a common theme in this sampling of posts that mean the most to me. I hope you find a little something special in them, too.

{I will disclose here that there is an abundance of teardrops on my keyboard as I’m sorting the words I’ve written about my children over the years. I have tissues at the ready.}

One of my favorite posts about my oldest son, Nathan, is a letter I wrote to him on his seventh birthday. This post is about how terrifying it is to know the baby you carried home from the hospital has to make his own way in this often-cruel world. Just because it scares me, however, doesn’t mean I have any doubt in him:  Birthday Letter

Owen is my middle child with enormous brown eyes and a wild streak to match. I’ve written about him destroying my living room in seconds flat, and I’ve written about him getting teary whenever he sees a sweet commercial. This post has some real admissions of how tiring motherhood can be, but this little guy has a way of waking me up: To My Rotten Kid

I didn’t have to search the Nora tab to know what post I wanted to share about my curly-haired girl. The words in this post began swirling in my head months before I met her. It’s about hoping my daughter grows up to independent, carefree, and open to going where the wind blows {I had no clue how right I would be}: My Wildflower

When it comes to postpartum posts, this is my favorite. This one is dedicated to the new mom, and how powerful and strong and invincible she is… stretch marks and all: The Shape of a Mother

One of the best things that helped me through the loss of my second pregnancy in March 2010 was writing. I wrote blog posts to help myself understand how I felt and share my emotions in a way I couldn’t say out loud. This post was published five years after my miscarriage, and these words still ring true: Still Standing

Of course I wouldn’t have the inspiration to put these words together and throw them into cyberspace without the man who hatched the idea to start this family in the first place. This is one of my favorite posts about my relationship with my husband: Easy Eight

Thanks for reading this month, y’all! I hope you’ll find me on Facebook or Instagram, or keep up via my blog. It’s been an honor sharing my words with you this month, and I’m eager to see which wonderful writer will wear the crown next.

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