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Turquoise Door and Spring Porch

turquoise door

A turquoise door, people. This girl finally got her turquoise door!

It’s amazing how fast two years flies. A few weeks ago, The Hubs noted that the following day would mark two years to the date since we moved in our house.

The next day, I drove into the driveway after work and gazed at the amazing, bright and happy turquoise door that greeted me from the front porch. My sweet Hubs had spent his day off painting the turquoise door I had been dreaming of since that day our realtor had taken us to see this house. READ MORE…

Hawksbill Crag

Heather Wilson, Miss August 2017

One of the most bittersweet experiences I’ve encountered; hiking has long had a special place in my life. Years ago, it was during a hike I got the first signs I was sick. I remember having to stop because I couldn’t breathe, yet the gift of the amazing surroundings kept me going. I wanted to see more. It was soon after that climb up a volcano in Hawaii I was later diagnosed with my first form of cancer. That hike reminded me that though the challenge of doing something that felt too hard to complete, the beauty of what awaited me was worth it. And since then I’ve known, every hike, just like every person, has a story. There’s definitely something special about those places where you stop to take an extra look, don’t you think? Read More…

Moss Mountain Farm

Heather Wilson, Miss August 2017

Have you ever thumbed through the pages of an interior design magazine or maybe drooled over some cover-page worthy images on Pinterest? When it comes to décor, I have always been one of those people who has an idea in my head, but I can’t quite execute it “just so”. Now that my husband and I are building a custom home on several acres of land, we want to step it up in the sustainability department. Lucky or me, inspiration doesn’t have to come from very far away. Arkansas boasts one of the most breathtaking estates in the country only outdone by the owner’s beautiful soul. Read More…

Studio Tour

Beth Macre, Miss July 2017

Just like my art, my studio is ever evolving. We moved into our current home in 2015. I am lucky enough to have an entire spare bedroom to use as my art studio. It is not huge, but it is a separate space just for my art. Since we moved here, I have rearranged it a few times in search of the perfect layout. I’m still looking.

My latest switch was just last week. I am still reorganizing some things, so I will be updating the Studio Tour as I go. More supplies, more projects, means more stuff. Managing that is always a challenge. When I become a ‘famous’ artist, or win the lottery, I will build my dream studio. I hope that is soon!

I hope you enjoy seeing it evolve.  Follow the links within the blog posts to see the updates. READ MORE…

War Eagle Fair

Beth Macre, Miss July 2017

After moving to Northwest Arkansas, I was very happy to be able to apply to be a vendor at War Eagle Craft Show. I had only participated in a few Art Festivals in Georgia, but none in Arkansas. Although I had never been to the War Eagle Craft Show, I had heard that it is a big show with great attendance, along with many other shows that same weekend in October each year. And it is.  

I set up shop there for 2 years and I loved it. The crowds are wonderful and the setting is just gorgeous in October. Last year I had to withdraw a few weeks before the Fair because my husband had to have unexpected heart surgery. While I enjoyed being a vendor at War Eagle, it is a long 4 day show. This year, any shows that I go to will be 1 or 2 day shows. Maybe we will go back to War Eagle again as a vendor, or as a customer and blog about the show. For now, you can read about our first year experience. READ MORE…

Flashback to 2014 – Reminder to Self…Simplify

Beth Macre, Miss July 2017

The Arkansas Women Blogger Conference in September 2014 was one of the first ‘events’ that I participated in after moving to Northwest Arkansas in the spring of that year. I was not able to attend the conference but I did participate in the Saturday Makers Market, where I met several bloggers in real life for the first time! It made an impression on me and I blogged about it.

I happened to be there when a news reporter from Channel 5 News was there. Fair warning…there is a reason why I do not talk on video. I was not prepared when she came up to me to ask a few questions.

“Bloggers are not normal”  What?

I’m sorry for my nonsensical blathering on camera. If you watch the video (Link on the blog) to see what I’m talking about. You will also see some other Arkansas Women Bloggers speaking very eloquently about the conference.

Clarification: By ‘normal friends’ I meant ‘friends who were not bloggers’.

In my defense, that year was a very stressful year. Which is why I was blogging about Simplifying my life! Talking to a reporter on camera is not that!  READ MORE…

Miss July 2017 – Beth Macre

Hello! My name is Beth Macre. Pronounced Mac (as in Mack truck) re (as in re-run). I tell you that because no one gets it right! I didn’t either when I met my husband. I wasn’t even close.

I am happy to be Blogger of the Month of July. I appreciate the opportunity to share a few things from my world. I am the artist behind the easel/screen of Beth S Macre Studio. I have lived most of my life in Arkansas. Everyone in my family was born in Arkansas, except me. I was born in Texas. But soon after, my family moved to Alabama and then back to Arkansas when I was 6. We lived in Pine Bluff, where I graduated from Pine Bluff High School. After graduation, I moved to Jonesboro to attend Arkansas State University. I graduated with a BSE in Art Education. My first teaching job took me to the Delta. I took a job with the Blytheville Public Schools, where I met my future husband, Sam. We worked and raised our two children in Blytheville.  After we both retired from teaching, we moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2014, where we are planning to stay. I have lived in Central Arkansas, Northeast Arkansas, and now Northwest Arkansas. Each part of Arkansas is beautiful in its own unique way. And I love that I have friends, family and acquaintances all over the state of Arkansas.  

Currently, I am a full-time artist, working in my home studio, and selling my art through my Etsy shop,, and at some shows a few times a year. I create colorful and whimsical drawings, paintings, and pottery to help brighten up your home. You can follow me on Instagram to see what I am currently working on, some behind the scenes photos, sneak peaks, or just stop by and say hello!

In May of 2007 I published my first post on my blog that I named Beth S Macre – Art Journal.  The title is not that creative, but blogging was very new to me and I didn’t even think about trying to come up with a clever name! I was thinking more about how to write about my art and myself without sounding too self-absorbed. After all, I am an artist, not a writer. My posts became more of a documentation of what I was doing creatively and served as motivation to continue to grow and create more. Holding myself accountable for my commitment to creating became easier as I shared more on the blog and followed along other creative bloggers along the way.

In 2010 I started a second blog about my adventures in teaching art. I called it Mrs. Macre’s Art Class.  As an Art teacher, I had so many interesting experiences that I loved sharing. I retired from teaching in 2012, but I occasionally add new content to Macre’s Art Class.  I plan to add some how to art lessons in the future. Let me know if there is an art project that you would like more information about and I will do some research for the blog!

I hope that you will come back later in July to see more of what I have been up to! Stop by the blog(s) and say Hi! Come follow me over on Instagram and Facebook too! Have a great July and the rest of your summer!


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The Best of Renee Birchfield

by Miss June 2017, Renee Birchfield

I am sad that this is the last time I will be sharing with you during my time as Blogger of the Month. I have enjoyed being Mrs. June! Today I am going to share some of my favorite posts. I do talk all about food so it will be a pretty recipe heavy, but I think you will enjoy it!

I do a lot of healthy recipes that follow a diet plan called the Trim Healthy Mama plan and really it is a lifestyle change not a diet. I and so many others have found easy success with it and I love sharing new recipes with followers. Healthy does not have to mean lacking in anything especially flavor!

Sugar-Free Strawberry Cheesecake is one of my favorite recipes. No one would know that it isn’t bad for you. If you really wanted to you could eat a slice for breakfast and have no guilt, not speaking from experience of course 😉

Dinner for Two Stuffed Chicken Breast and Green Beans I am proud of this recipe I didn’t have any source of inspiration except for what I wanted to eat. It turned out great on the first try too!  It is the perfect weeknight quick dinner for two.

10 Spices Every Kitchen Needs My top ten lists of spices you should have. I love giving kitchen tips on the blog too.  This was one of my more popular posts on Pinterest.

Grilled Veggies Perfect for summer. This couldn’t be a simpler process and they turn out great every time!

I have had so much fun hanging out this month and sharing with all you lovely ladies! I hope you have enjoyed too.  

A Day in the Life of Renee Birchfield

Miss June 2017, Renee Birchfield

As a teacher my days are always a little different, but now that it is summer a typical day is usually much more relaxing. I am now watching a 4-year-old, we’ll call him T, four days a week and he keeps every day exciting. Here are some pictures of how our day unfolds.

After getting Hubby off to work I take care of the animals and head off to T’s house. We start our morning playing with trains, train tracks, bow and arrows, cars, books and whatever else he can drag out of his playroom.

This was a favorite this week

Then I try to have some learning activities. Right now we are learning to recognize letters and to match them.

Followed by some fun arts and crafts.  This week we were talking about tractors, one of his favorites, so we were making

Some days we go to the library for story time and shows. After sitting still in the library for half an hour we head over to the park so he can run and get some (lots) of his energy out.

When we get back it’s time for lunch. Which is a little break for Mrs. Renee when we watch TV and chill.

We spent a lot of time going on walks. Which really means I walk behind him as he rides his “four-wheeler” all around the neighborhood. At least I am getting more exercise haha.  

After he is played out and it’s about 1:30 he gets to go take a nap. Then I read chapters and work on assignments for class.

After I get home I normally have some animals who are feeling neglected and need attention. Tesla shows this by laying on my feet so I can’t go anywhere.  

I work on more school work, pick up the house, and start dinner before Hubby gets home from work. After dinner we like to relax and watch Netflix or in the office, him playing games, me getting blog stuff finished.

Chester was tired of me not paying attention to him so he sat on my book and notebook while I was writing.

Summers are a fun break from the school year for me since I get to work one on one with one of my favorite kiddos. What do you do on these summer days?

Bye Bye Bye 24 by Renee Birchfield

by Miss June 2017, Renee Birchfield

I think that it is only fitting that I get an N’SYNC song while I am blogger of the month. I’m a 90s baby and of course love boy bands. There was never a contest for me N’SYNC always beat the Backstreet Boys. I mean look at them, they are so cute!  It is also my birthday month and Bye Bye Bye is perfect as I say bye to being 24 and moving on up to 25!

It’s funny how those ‘old’ ages don’t seem to be that old the closer you get to them. When I was a kid and in love with Lance from N’SYNC I was sure that 25 was like an old lady! Now though I’m still not sure it should count as an adult haha!

Some things have changed over the year and some have stayed the same. Let’s take a short look at the year.

We are still living in the same house. That may change in a year or so who knows. We did upgrade our carpet floors now we have nice wood floors. After some getting used to they are awesome. Maybe I am in the adult mind when I’m excited about new floors. Ha!

My blog hit new highs and reached more people than I could have ever hoped. I have had a few of those great emails saying that I inspired someone to start a new diet or that a recipe was their kids new favorite. If Spoons Could Talk has been more successful in many ways than my other blog ever dreamed of being.

We did lose my Grandpa on Easter. That is still hard to adjust too. That is one of the biggest things that has changed while I was 24. My grandma died when I was about 8 so life without her wasn’t such an adjustment for me. But Grandpa has been there for everything and since we moved to Conway I saw him most of the times I went home, so now knowing I can’t go see him is hard to get used to.

My little family is still Hubby, me, Tesla the dog and Chester the cat. I dred the day one of the fur babies isn’t in my life.

Somewhere around February, I decided it was time I go back to school. After almost 3 years of subbing, I was ready to have my own classroom. Since then I have studied for the first time in 3 years and took 2 standardized tests over content I haven’t seen in closer to 8 years. I passed the test better than I had imagined and got accepted into Grad school and the MAT program.  Within two years I will have my own class. Who would have thought my mom was right when she told everyone I would be a teacher when I was a kid. This is the most exciting and nerve-wracking thing that my 24th year held.

This year has been a year where doors have opened and dreams have begun to come to life. It has been great and while I don’t quite want to tell it bye I can’t wait to see what 25 has in store!

How do you feel about birthdays passing by?