Children’s Museum of Memphis

Last year when my son was completing his homeschool lessons for 3rd grade, he often worked in a geography workbook about the United States. This workbook was a really great introduction to the 50 states and it actually got him interested in traveling. Specifically, it made him want to travel to the states bordering Arkansas. So I agreed that we could start visiting at least one of these states each year. We decided that we would start with Tennessee. Memphis, Tennessee to be exact since it is the closest major city of a bordering state to us since we live in Central Arkansas.

Once we decided on the state and city next we had to pick something to do. I love museums and since we were planning this trip so our kids could explore a bordering state. I thought the Children’s Museum of Memphis would be a great place to visit. When I visited the website I was excited by all the different exhibits. Especially since there are exhibits both indoors and outside. I’m so excited to share with you all of the things that we loved about the Children’s Museum of Memphis.


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