A Day Down on the Dairy Farm

by Susan Anglin, Miss August 2016

When you live on a dairy farm, a typical day is really hard to describe due to dealing with all the things you have no control over such as a thunderstorm that wasn’t predicted the day you are trying to bale hay or the neighbor’s phone call letting you know the heifers are standing in the middle of the road.

Even with the chaos on a typical day, these are things I love every day down on the dairy farm:

Starting my day with a little Bible study and prayer, topped with a strong cup of coffee…


Stepping out of the house and walking to my job across the yard…


Checking on the cows being milked…


Responding to the call to come to the hay field…


Welcoming a new baby to the farm…


Returning to my office for supper…


Enjoying a dairy treat and feeling proud to know that I work every day to provide a safe,high-quality milk for my family and yours every day down on the dairy farm.



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