A Day in the Life of Jeanetta Darley

By Jeanetta Darley, Miss February 2015

Every day always starts with coffee.  Strong coffee.  If there’s no coffee I might just decide to go back to bed. 

Always coffee

I engage in the usual dance of waking up kids, grabbing backpacks, rationing hot water, finding keys, finishing homework, and getting out the door in time to beat tardy bells and office hours.

All of this calls for pot of coffee number two!

For most of my week, I manage a church office.  I’m not crazy about the title of Church Secretary but most people look at me funny when I say Parish Administrator.  I juggle phone calls, podcasts recordings, website and social media, and paper jams.  I am the thermostat-nazi, official poster maker, and room reserver (I am both the Gatekeep and the Keymaster). 

Pencil Drawing by Jeanetta Darley Keys and Paper

But recently with a change to the office schedule, I now have Fridays off.  A whole day alone at my house focused on my passion for creating art and growing a garden.  I draw and paint or start seeds and prepare garden beds or reluctantly dabble in laundry.  The TV is either dead quiet or rolling through episode after episode of my latest favorite (as my husband likes to refer to them) “non-American English speaking” television show.  Some Fridays could be all computer based as I list artwork online, finish up blog post, design logos or build a website.  My Fridays can get busy but always leave me with a sense of accomplishment.

My Day Friday with coffee Collage

I am giddy for Friday not because Saturday comes next but because of how I might will the day.  What will I create or write or grow? 

You’ll just have to follow along to find out!

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