Diane Roark: Cadron Crest Orchard {Foodie Friday}

If you landed here looking for a fun family activity, or you simply want to pick fresh fruit in Arkansas, I am thankful you found this post. Cadron Crest Orchard is a great place to take your family apple or peach picking. My name is Diane Roark. I blog about easy recipes at Recipes For Our Daily Bread, and family fun travel ideas at Our American Travels.

Cadron Crest Orchard


Last year we had to find another place to pick fresh, delicious Arkansas peaches. We lived across the street from Collins Round Mountain Orchard. Unfortunately, they sold the land last year to a developer which meant no more peach picking. Fortunate for us we found another terrific place, Cadron Crest Orchard. Cadron Crest Orchard is a unique farm in Guy, Arkansas. They grow fresh Apples, Peaches, Strawberries, Watermelon, grapes, watermelon, tomatoes, sweet corn and cantaloupe that I saw. If you are looking for something else, you can call them at the number below for more information or see their Facebook page here. They are open May through September where you can walk through rows and rows of beautiful peach or apple trees. You can pick your fruit and vegetables fresh from the farm to your table.

Cadron Creek Orchard

Nothing is better than eating fresh farm fruit and vegetables except for eating the fresh farm fruits and vegetables you picked. It is super fun for the entire family. We race around the orchard trying to see who can spot the prettiest piece of fruit. A little family competition fills our basket of fresh fruit in no time.

What did we pick from Cadron Creek Orchard?

We have picked fresh peaches and apples at Cadron Creek Orchard. They had tons of beautiful apples and peaches just waiting to be picked. When you arrive at the orchard, they tell you exactly what they are picking and where to go. They even give you a basket to fill.

Cadron Crest Orchard Peaches

What did we do with all our fresh peaches?

I am from the south which means I love sweet ice tea. What makes sweet ice tea even better is peach syrup. Which I made plenty of with the peaches we picked. I also made peach fritters and slow cooker peach butter.

And, of course, everybody’s favorite – Peach Ice Cream


Diane Roark: Fresh Peach Ice Cream


  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3 cups frozen Peaches Sliced, Slice your fresh peaches and freeze them first.
  • ½ cup sugar


    For a Regular Blender
  1. Chop the frozen peaches and place in a blender on high.
  2. In a bowl whisk the sugar into the cream.
  3. Add in the cream and sugar through the opening in the lid, stopping to stir the mixture.
  4. Blend until smooth. (the cream will thicken slightly)
  5. Place this mixture is a freezer container and freeze for 2 to 3 hours.
    For a Vitamix
  1. f you have a Vitamix, simply add all ingredients to the mixer with the heavy cream on the bottom. Blend on high about 2 minutes until the four separate sections form on top.
  2. Eat immediately or Freeze for a couple of hours.

If you are looking for a great place to pick fresh fruit in Arkansas, give Cadron Crest Orchard a try.

Cadron Crest Orchard – 86 Mode Road, Guy, AR 72061. Phone: 501-679-3243

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