How To Cut Down on Holiday Hosting Overwhelm

by Rhonda of Captain Mom

Overwhelm and stress are often uninvited guests in my home. But there are people coming soon to my house, and on more than one occasion this year. I’d like to make sure these two don’t get an invitation.

How to Cut Down on Overwhelm When Hosting

did this at Thanksgiving to help with hosting duties. I also incorporated some of these principles.

This year, I’m hosting Christmas. Not alone, mind you. The Pilot will be here, mostly. And our guests, family and otherwise, always lend a hand. But as someone who struggles with anxiety and lives in a far-less-than-perfect home, I’ve learned to take deliberate steps. Above all, I gotta pray and find peace and contentment before the Lord about all that gives me worry and stress. After that, and because of that, I do the other things. READ MORE…