How to make a DIY Ribbon Flag

As an avid crafter, I always have extra ribbon and lace hanging around the craft room; leftovers from previous projects that I don’t quite know what to do with. The DIY Ribbon Flag is a great holiday project to use up those scraps of ribbon and lace. This easy craft can be completed in just a day and doesn’t really need any fancy equipment. I used my sewing machine for some parts of the sewing but it could have easily been stitched by hand. Throw in some coordinating blue ribbons to add a pop of color amongst the red and white stripes or go traditional and use a variety of red and white ribbons and lace only. Denim would be another fun element of surprise and whimsy for the star background. There are so many possibilities and you’re only limited by your imagination…READ MORE

Gina Knuppenburg is a social media consultant and virtual assistant living the creative life near Heber Springs. She blogs about crafts, recipes, and daily life with her fiance and a cat named Hop at Desperately Seeking Gina. You can also find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Happy Crafting!