How to Pack Like A Pro

By Ricci Ellis

We’ve all been there. You shove way too much stuff into your suitcase, pray really hard, sit on it and make it zip close. Then as you weigh it (if you are flying) you pray again that it is under the 50 pounds. I have been there y’all!! Way too many times to count!! I have even had to stuff some of my clothes into a friend’s bag at the airport just so mine would be under the weight limit. So so so sad.

This is how I used to pack…

I would literally stuff everything into my suitcase and just pray y’all. And the sad thing is I wouldn’t even wear half of what I brought! And that little zip thing to make you suitcase bigger? I used it every single time. Talk about overextending yourself. I never had any room to buy new things on my trips because there was never any room to put it! HA!

If you usually pack like this then today you are in for a treat! I am going to show you how to pack like a pro…or at least how I pack! I think I have a pretty awesome system. And this is coming from someone who has literally gone somewhere once a month since July. What can I say? I love to travel!

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