Jenny Marrs Miss August 2015

I’ll be honest with you all, I’m feeling equally grateful and vastly under-qualified for this honor of Arkansas Women Bloggers’ August Blogger of the Month.

jenny marrsJust like many of the best things in my life, I find the title of blogger to be incredibly unexpected. I didn’t set out to blog or build a platform or share my deepest, darkest, most vulnerable thoughts with whoever happens upon my little corner of the internet; I simply wanted to keep a journal of our family’s adoption journey for close friends and family to read. As our straightforward adoption journey became anything but straightforward, Blessings & Raindrops became a place for my emotions to pour forth and a way for God to speak to my own heart through the written word. As I chronicled my desire to seek God in the dark valley of our waiting, I found a refreshing community and soul-refueling encouragement through many of my fellow ARWB blogging gals.

This online journal of mine has evolved alongside my own life. Since that first post, I left my corporate job and my photography business in order to stay home with my twin boys, moved from downtown Bentonville into a 100+ year-old farmhouse in the country {that we literally picked up and moved– we are simply crazy, no other explanation}, founded a non-profit, planted our blueberry farm, and added two girls to our brood.

Needless to say, my life is busy, chaotic, and messy {the computer I’m typing on was recently thrown up on – need I say more?}. More than anything, it is abundantly joyful and full of laughter {and impromptu dance parties – which, incidentally, are the key to my sanity. It’s a proven fact: no one can fight or cry or whine while dancing in the kitchen. It just isn’t possible}.

My posts these days document all of my current unexpected titles: orphan and vulnerable child advocate, historic home renovator and decorator, adoptive momma, mom to four little people ages five and under and seeker of joy in the midst the mundane.

Thanks for this opportunity to share a slice of my world. I’m so looking forward to our month together!

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  1. Debbie says:

    I knew I loved you from the moment I met you….or when you gave me that HUGE basket at AWBU in Mountain View (remember the one from NWAFoodie?). Seriously, I’ve loved following your journey, and you know my personal connection to it. Sooooooooo excited you are going to be at AWBU this year:) Congrats on BOM. You may borrow my crown and scepter:) xoxoxo

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