Miss July 2017 – Beth Macre

Hello! My name is Beth Macre. Pronounced Mac (as in Mack truck) re (as in re-run). I tell you that because no one gets it right! I didn’t either when I met my husband. I wasn’t even close.

I am happy to be Blogger of the Month of July. I appreciate the opportunity to share a few things from my world. I am the artist behind the easel/screen of Beth S Macre Studio. I have lived most of my life in Arkansas. Everyone in my family was born in Arkansas, except me. I was born in Texas. But soon after, my family moved to Alabama and then back to Arkansas when I was 6. We lived in Pine Bluff, where I graduated from Pine Bluff High School. After graduation, I moved to Jonesboro to attend Arkansas State University. I graduated with a BSE in Art Education. My first teaching job took me to the Delta. I took a job with the Blytheville Public Schools, where I met my future husband, Sam. We worked and raised our two children in Blytheville.  After we both retired from teaching, we moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2014, where we are planning to stay. I have lived in Central Arkansas, Northeast Arkansas, and now Northwest Arkansas. Each part of Arkansas is beautiful in its own unique way. And I love that I have friends, family and acquaintances all over the state of Arkansas.  

Currently, I am a full-time artist, working in my home studio, and selling my art through my Etsy shop, BethSMacre.etsy.com, and at some shows a few times a year. I create colorful and whimsical drawings, paintings, and pottery to help brighten up your home. You can follow me on Instagram to see what I am currently working on, some behind the scenes photos, sneak peaks, or just stop by and say hello!

In May of 2007 I published my first post on my blog that I named Beth S Macre – Art Journal.  The title is not that creative, but blogging was very new to me and I didn’t even think about trying to come up with a clever name! I was thinking more about how to write about my art and myself without sounding too self-absorbed. After all, I am an artist, not a writer. My posts became more of a documentation of what I was doing creatively and served as motivation to continue to grow and create more. Holding myself accountable for my commitment to creating became easier as I shared more on the blog and followed along other creative bloggers along the way.

In 2010 I started a second blog about my adventures in teaching art. I called it Mrs. Macre’s Art Class.  As an Art teacher, I had so many interesting experiences that I loved sharing. I retired from teaching in 2012, but I occasionally add new content to Macre’s Art Class.  I plan to add some how to art lessons in the future. Let me know if there is an art project that you would like more information about and I will do some research for the blog!

I hope that you will come back later in July to see more of what I have been up to! Stop by the blog(s) and say Hi! Come follow me over on Instagram and Facebook too! Have a great July and the rest of your summer!


Etsy Shop:  BethSMacre.etsy.com

Instagram: BethMacre.instagram.com

Blog: BethMacre blogspot.com

Blog: Macresartroom.blogspot.com

Facebook: BethSMacreArt.facebook.com



  1. Suzanne Wallace says:

    Congrats dear friend for Miss July Blogger of the Month.. Your work is absolutely beautiful & I still cherish the special pieces I have made by you. I miss & love you.

  2. Robert Zenanko says:

    Hi Beth, I was glad to see your Blog. Is it as wonderful up there as they say? Congratulations on you being picked as Miss July. I want to see more of your watercolor pictures! I will start following you on that Etsy ? site. Robert from Osceola

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