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Sunday Link-Up {March 15, 205}

March 15, 2015

Hello #SundayLinkUp! We’re excited to see you. #ARWB Click To Tweet  

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The Old Farmer’s Almanac Call for Recipes

March 14, 2015

Debbie Arnold   The Old Farmer’s Almanac wants your stories and your recipes that go with them.  The selected stories and recipes will appear in the 225th anniversary edition of the publication to be published in 2017. Recipes must be the property of the submitter, original and unpublished.  Entrants who much be amateurs, will be entered [...]

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Jacqueline Presley: Go-to Breakfast Tacos {Foodie Friday}

March 13, 2015

When I was growing up, breakfast was usually cereal or oatmeal or toast; something along those lines. Carbs basically. In college I usually had a bagel with cream cheese and a cup of coffee. When I married Spencer, breakfast for me changed. He is a protein sorta’ guy. So, we would have bacon and eggs [...]

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Learning from Unlucky Moments {Lucky}

March 12, 2015

by Jeanetta Darley Growing up I remember an old Reba McEntire music video about her being a working mom who was going back to school.  Huey Lewis played her husband in it, but that’s not relevant to my point at the moment.  Anyway, the video shows her studying and working hard and getting really stressed [...]

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Barn Luck {Wordless Wednesday}

March 11, 2015

By Buffy Hoyt of Mucking Moms Buffy is an elementary teacher and mother of three. She co-authors Mucking Moms blog with a couple of friends who are all horse show moms. She shares stories from the barn, the garden, and the coop. She lives in her hometown, Perryville, Arkansas. She enjoys spending time outside with [...]

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Baby Steps To Becoming A Vlogger

March 10, 2015

Alison Chino   So you think you want to become a vlogger? @alisonchino tells us how. #ARWB #techtuesday Click To Tweet Confession: Over two years ago, when I first heard that we were all going to have to add video to our blogs in order to stay on the “cutting edge” of the blogging scene, [...]

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The Perception of Luck {Blogger of the Month}

March 9, 2015

By Kat Robinson, Miss March 2015 It happens every week, in some way or another.  I may hear it from an old acquaintance or someone I just met… maybe while waiting in the doctor’s office or after giving a speech.  I often hear the phrase: “You’re lucky!  You have the greatest job in the world.” [...]

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Sunday Link-up {March 8, 2015}

March 8, 2015

Come join our #SundayLinkUp on #ARWB. Click To Tweet

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Julie Kohl: Western Omelette Casserole {Foodie Friday}

March 6, 2015

By Julie Kohl Mornings typically fly by in a blur in the Kohl house. Breakfast is often grabbed on the run and may include a piece of fruit and a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese. When we finally get the chance to slow down on the weekends, we love to sit down and enjoy [...]

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Faith, Not Luck {Lucky}

March 5, 2015

By Kayla I Shown-Dean “Good luck!” I constantly catch myself saying this phrase, specifically to my students when they are about to take a test or turn in an important assignment to another professor. Sometimes, I think to myself, “I must come off as a superstitious person.” I mean, here I am, an educator, one [...]

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