Picnic Adventure {Blogger of the Month}

by Sarah Shotts, Miss May 2015

Ready for another adventure?

This week it’s simple… go on a picnic.


We bloggers can become all too familiar with the glow of our computer screens and neglect the chance to get outside enjoy the sunshine.

It’s the perfect time of year to pack up our food and enjoy it in the great outdoors! For this week’s challenge you choose whether to go on a romantic picnic, a family picnic, or even a lunch-break picnic. What’s important is that you break up your day-to-day routine and get some fresh air.


I love packing finger foods for picnics because it means I don’t have to cook anything. 😉 Some of my favorites are: berries, cheese, crackers, salami, pickles & sometimes (if I want to be romantic) sparkling grape juice. Of course good ‘ole sandwiches are always classic too. Especially if there’s avocado and Petit Jean bacon involved.


Then pull out your cooler, picnic basket, or backpack and tuck everything inside. Don’t forget to throw in some paper towels and an extra shopping bag or two for easy clean up. There may not be a trash can handy at your picnic spot. I’ve been there.


Choose a spot that’s handy or use this opportunity to explore somewhere new. One of my favorite places to picnic is Devil’s Den State Park where Nathan & I got hitched. 😉 These photos are from our anniversary picnic last year (which is why they’re so fancy.) I’ve also been known to rock the tupperware/ziploc bag style picnic. Don’t overthink it. Have whatever kind of picnic floats your boat.

Don’t forget to snap a photo at your picnic and share it on Instagram & Twitter using #WeeklyVenture so we can find each other’s photos. Now get out there and enjoy some fresh air!




  1. Lorna says:

    Lovely photos! I don’t like cold food so I always find myself taking hot soup in a flask when I go on long walks!

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