The Only Typical Part of My Day

by Lacie Ring, Miss December 2016

My alarm bell rings, and I ever so willingly hit the snooze button. I have no idea what the day looks like, because it’s still dark outside. It doesn’t matter for another 8 minutes, because I hit the snooze button again. By now, I can see pale light coming through the blinds. I reluctantly drag myself out of my warm and oh so comfy bed and notice that it’s going to be a dreary rainy day. The sky is grey and there’s not a ray of sunshine to be seen. It’s ok because my very own little ray of sunshine is popping out of bed. My kiddo has this crazy exuberance that I find hard to understand. I ask myself, “How can anyone be so chipper this early in the morning?” My husband is telling me something, but I’m not quite comprehending what is being said. Something about making an appointment or someone has an appointment, I think. I’m pretty sure he is trying to say as much as he can, because he knows once I really wake up he may never get in another word. I make my way to the kitchen where I simultaneously fill my Yeti with Dr. Pepper and get breakfast ready. In my world, Dr. Pepper is coffee and I cannot live without my morning cup. I wish I could tell you that I’m preparing Garrett a well-balanced breakfast, but I would be lying. I have good intentions, but hitting that ever enticing snooze button twice this morning made those intentions fly right out the window. In all actuality, I’m thanking Kellogg’s right now for inventing pop-tarts. As I open the fridge door, it dawns on me that I still have to pack the kiddo’s lunch box. I remind myself that I was busy last night and said I would do it in the morning. I mentally start going over my morning check list…Lunch box packed-check, I brushed my teeth-check, I’m dressed-check, I remembered to put on a bra-check. Ok, I’m ready and the kiddo’s ready, now we can head out the door. Before we can even get in the car the hubby yells out, “Learn something!” to Garrett as he has done every school day since he has worked from home. Yes, my husband works from home and it is glorious, but that’s a subject for another day because it’s carpool time. I pick up the neighbor kids and away we go. I try to get the lowdown on what’s happening in these eleven and twelve year olds’ lives, but it’s like pulling teeth to get more than one word answers. Garrett seems to jabber on with ease, but the other kiddos need a little nudging. I find myself wondering if they aren’t morning people just like me. I’ve pretty much gotten out about all they are willing to say and crank up the radio. I notice Garrett gets a little movement going in his shoulders to the beat, and I know he wants to sing but he’s holding back. Once, I asked him why he doesn’t sing when the other kids are in the car. He bashfully said he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Oh yes, having this information in my back pocket will prove useful today. I feel it is my parental duty to embarrass him as much as possible. Plus, the caffeine from my morning Dr. Pepper is kicking in. I start belting out the words to our favorite song. Garrett shakes his head but continues to smile. I’m fairly certain that I just accomplished my mission. We arrive at school, I turn the music down, and wish the kids a good day. Now I’m off to fight the morning rush hour traffic to get back home. In these few minutes of uninterrupted silence, my mind is methodically thinking about the day at hand, knowing this will be the most typical thing I do today. Well, besides afternoon car rider line which pretty much works in reverse and includes a daily phone call to my mom.
I sometimes wonder what a typical morning is like for other moms. Then, I get to daydreaming about what it would be like to be Ree Drummond and live the modern pioneer life. Or Joanna Gaines and get to decorate over and over again on someone else’s budget. Or even Adele and be able to sing like an angel. Although, I wouldn’t be able to embarrass Garrett with my singing if I could sing like Adele. It’s fun to wonder and daydream, but I’m so glad I get to be me. My mornings are typical, but the days are never the same. I can’t wait to see what new adventures will happen tomorrow.

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