War Eagle Fair

Beth Macre, Miss July 2017

After moving to Northwest Arkansas, I was very happy to be able to apply to be a vendor at War Eagle Craft Show. I had only participated in a few Art Festivals in Georgia, but none in Arkansas. Although I had never been to the War Eagle Craft Show, I had heard that it is a big show with great attendance, along with many other shows that same weekend in October each year. And it is.  

I set up shop there for 2 years and I loved it. The crowds are wonderful and the setting is just gorgeous in October. Last year I had to withdraw a few weeks before the Fair because my husband had to have unexpected heart surgery. While I enjoyed being a vendor at War Eagle, it is a long 4 day show. This year, any shows that I go to will be 1 or 2 day shows. Maybe we will go back to War Eagle again as a vendor, or as a customer and blog about the show. For now, you can read about our first year experience. READ MORE…