When Your Well Runs Dry {Blogger of the Month}

by Jenny Marrs, Miss August 2015

There are seasons when schedules are packed and laundry is piled high and to-do lists continually multiply regardless of the effort exerted to check off tasks.

In these seasons, work feels uninspired and overwhelming.

Copious amounts of coffee are consumed. Self-care is buried under responsibilities. Exhaustion settles in like a morning fog, desiring rest in order to lift.

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Creativity is stifled. Writing feels small and inadequate.

Comparison steals joy.

Tempers run short. Sharp words sting. The well of patience and compassion runs dry.

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You seek change and desire peace.

You slow down. You breathe deep. You pursue grace.

You learn to prioritize gratitude. Thankfulness becomes your compass.

Through the lens of gratitude, the full calendar transforms from obligations into moments ready to be treasured. The overflowing laundry reveals signs of life and precious loved ones under your roof to clothe. The toys strewn about the house are reflections of shared joy and laughter.

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As we walk into the stifling heat of August in Arkansas, let’s choose to prioritize gratitude. Let us be a people of thankfulness. Let us look beyond the dust and instead see the beauty of sunlight filtering through the window falling on that old shelf.


In whatever season you are in, allow thankfulness to be your compass.  Create markers of joy. Recorded gratitude in writing, thankfulness proclaimed out loud, photographic evidence of beauty in the midst of the mess. If there is one thing I’ve learned as I have set out on a personal journey to pursue joy, it is this: the well cannot remain dry when the heart is transformed through the act of intentionally seeking gratitude.


  1. Alison Chino says:


    YES, gratitude makes all the difference in my day for sure!!

    Lovely reminder.

  2. Connie says:

    Thank you – you perfectly described the season I am in – my blog has set quite for a couple of weeks – my new craft studio is still not complete. But, I have so very much to be thankful for!!! I am adding your comment to my journal – something to keep me focused.
    “Through the lens of gratitude, the full calendar transforms from obligations into moments ready to be treasured. “

    • Jenny Marrs says:

      Thank you, Connie. I had been walking in this season for a couple of months and I just started to shake it one day when I made a VERY concentrated effort to focus on joy and gratitude. I was literally standing in my laundry room surrounded by piles of dirty clothes and it hit me: these clothes have been worn by the people I love. They are dirty and muddy and smelly because my littles were out running in the mud and laughing and enjoying the magic of childhood. And, for that, I can absolutely be grateful.

      I’m still a work in progress… some days are better than others:).

  3. Tessy Fuller says:

    🙂 My only goal for this year was to be more intentional with my gratitude and I felt if I could do that, much of the other stuff would fall into place. I am counting my gifts – and I love these reminders through out the year to keep being intentional.

    • Jenny Marrs says:

      I need reminders constantly to keep counting gifts intentionally. Life has a way of making me forget:). Thank you for sharing your goal for the year. 🙂

  4. rebecca says:

    I’m grateful for you Jenny, a talented and Spirit-filled writer who beautifully puts into words what so many tired, worn out moms wish they could articulate. Thanks for the many wonderful reminders that we all need in this crazy busy life.

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