#AWBU 2014 Recap Link-Up

We hiked out of the woods, got all fancied up and went to a hotel for #AWBU 2014. DebbieSteph

Foodie Friday was nothing short of amazing(thanks to Debbie Arnold), there were information packed sessions, tons of laughs, much-needed direction from @alli, and so many Pinterest-worthy photos documenting it all (make sure you post them to the #AWBU 2014 board).  

When I tell people about ARWB and the #AWBU conference, they do not truly understand the impact until they walk in the door. It’s the kind of amazing, can’t-possibly-be-true stories and experiences that literally happen all the time because of the deep and lasting impact of the relationships of our bloggers.  These true relationships developed all because we built a community with a focused mission (Gather, Grow, Connect) and a commitment to doing the right thing. Then, that community grew into a passionate group of bloggers who “get it” and want to not only be a part of the gift, but to pass it on to others.

I am not ready for #AWBU 2014 to end quite yet, so please link-up your follow-up posts from your blogs so we can all read your take on the conference and re-live all the fun, your take-aways, and gratitude for our sponsors and your fellow bloggers. Thank you all for being part of our community and for always being the ones who lift others up.
Stephanie @The Park Wife


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