Here are the basic guidelines:

1.Your post is due by the Monday prior to your publication date. It may be emailed (MS Word attachment is fine) or sent as a Google doc. 

2.Please send your narrative as a separate document from your photographs.  This just makes it easier to edit them for our purposes.  It is fine to send photos as a shared doc/folder on Google Drive or as email attachments.  Please indicate in your document where you would prefer the photos.  We will try but not promise to accommodate your preferences.  Photos should be 500 pixels in width.  They do need to be in the neighborhood of at least 300 dpi.  Some photos may be combined into a collage 500 PX in width if desired or needed.  All photographs must be original to you or used with noted permission from the owner. Give photographs names that indicate details — not photo 1, photo 2, etc.

3.  Include a headshot (200 pixels in width) and a brief bio that will be presented with your post.  Please include any social media links you want listed.

4.  If you are adapting a recipe from a published source, please provide those credentials and a hyperlink if applicable.  Note: While recipes are not copyrighted, the narrative for the recipe can be.

5.  Your theme/subject has been assigned.  If, however, you really desire a change in topic, let me know.  It should be fine unless there is a prior commitment to that idea.

6.  Please consider that your content is very important as well. While food is your focus, what you have to say and how you say it will be what is remembered.  Aim for  a minimum  word count for your narrative and recipe of 450-500 words.  

7. Check your recipes for accuracy. Give credit to your sources (Is this an adaptation?)

8  RECIPE TEMPLATE:  A template for your recipe will be used.  This just keeps the posts uniform for our readers. You can look at the recipe card format we are using to see how that it done. Please format your recipe in the same manner.

  • List ingredients in the order they are used in your recipe.
  • List directions in the order in which they should be completed.
  • The ingredients and the directions will be listed one per line.  
  • Do not abbreviate any measurements. All ingredients should have measurements. For example, use teaspoon rather than tsp., cup rather than c, etc.  Give exact sizes — not large can but rather a 15 ounce can
  • Be specific as to names of ingredients, brand names, etc.
  • Identify exact pan sizes, cooking times, cooking temperatures and serving amounts when appropriate..
  • Use of products from ARWB sponsors is appreciated (but not mandatory) and should be noted as such in your recipe or narrative if applicable. 

9.  Please place a link on your blog to your post that appears on ARWB, but do not replicate the content.  There are still some questions regarding how that affects SEO.

Styleguide: How to capitalize, spell, punctuate food, culinary terms

Updated October 2016

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